unveils a new partner in Midnite. continues to grow and today we unveil a brand new partnership with Midnite. Midnite is an esports betting platform that uses modern technologies and in-house models created by fellow fans of esports. Midnite joins Razer and Rogue Energy as partners.

“Serving the esports community with a variety of tools and platforms is very important to us. Midnite is a premium esports and sports betting platform that is a great fit for our community,” said Christian Bishop, Founder of Esports Media Inc. “We have been searching for a partner in this space that is tailored for us."

Midnite allows gamers a safe avenue to engage with esports betting, and this partnership will aid in the creation of data driven articles. Their website offers betting options in Dota 2, CS:GO, Call of Duty as well as other esports titles.

“Midnite are building a suite of gaming products including esports betting and CashMode, where players back themselves for cash prizes in their online games” said Sujoy Roy, Marketing Director at Midnite. “Esports Media Inc provides us with a route to the fans and gamers we need to connect with. This partnership will supercharge our growth, and help us launch new products for the community.”

We hope our readers and Midnite's will appreciate the latest updates to our website. now houses up-to-date data from Midnite as well as easily-accessible links for fans to migrate between our content and Midnite's betting options. The British-based company offers betting options for esports as well as traditional sports such as football, tennis, basketball, hockey and boxing.