EA Sports reveal EA FC, first football game since abandoning FIFA name cover image

EA Sports reveal EA FC, first football game since abandoning FIFA name

EA Sports FIFA is no more. EA Sports FC is here to stay.

EA Sports have moved away from the FIFA name. They consider themselves to have outgrown world football's governing body and have officially launched their own brand: EA FC.

The new game is coming at the end of September and will be the first time since 1998 that EA have had a football game without the FIFA branding.

A whole host of new features are coming to the title, with EA determined to innovate in the football game space with their new branding.

New FUT features

The highlight mode for EA Football games in years gone by. It has been the most popular mode. EA has also innovated in this area, building on the way mechanics work in the game to provide more for players to experience.

One of the biggest additions is new evolving player cards. These are Evolutions and are based on an EA FC focus that users are able to build their own club legends in game.

EA FC players will also be able to use female footballers as part of their Ultimate Team squads heading into the new title. This is a first for any sports game.

These female players will be in Ultimate Team and will be available side-by-side with the male counterparts. They will feature in objectives, squad building challenges and rewards.

Pre-order rewards for EA FC

As usual, there are several rewards for securing a pre-order of the new EA Sports FC title. These extra added bonuses are:

  • Seven days early access
  • Women UEFA Champions League FUT item
  • 4600 FC Points
  • TOTW 1 FUT item
  • Erling Haaland loan FUT item
  • 2x Ambassador loan FUT items
  • Access to an exclusive NIKE campaign in game

These bonuses have improved year-on-year. Instead of only getting three days of early access, it's now been upgraded to a full week.

Pro clubs will support full crossplay in EA FC

One of the more beloved modes in EA Football game history is pro clubs. The mode in which users control one singular player on the pitch and play as a team of up to 11 at one time.

This mode has been held hostage in the era of separate consoles and PC gaming. Even in FIFA 23, when crossplay became closer to a reality across the board with FUT functionality, pro clubs was not included.

Now, with the launch of EA FC, that will change. Pro clubs will be available as one of the crossplay modes in the game, meaning teams consisting of console and PC players will all be able to play together as one.

Increase in price for EA FC

The brand new look of EA FC will come at a cost. The two versions of the game are more expensive than any that have come before it. These prices are inflated from FIFA 23.

  • Standard Edition: $79.99
  • Ultimate Edition: $109.99

EA FC releases on September 29. Early access for EA FC is available from September 22 with any pre-order of EA FC 24.