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EA Sports announces return of College Football games

EA Sports is officially bringing College Football games back!

It was a sad day back in 2013 when EA Sports announced they were officially done making College Football games. The love gamers had for this series was abundant, and to see such a popular video game go down the drain took many by surprise.

But now, in 2024, EA Sports has officially announced the return of the series with the upcoming game College Football 25.

Why did the College Football series end in 2013?

It has been over a decade since the last College Football game was released. EA Sports was cranking out these games, giving fans a new and improved version every year.

But why did they all of a sudden have to come to a halt?

Well, sadly, there were quite a few legal disputes revolving around the series. Collegiate athletes are not franchised like NFL players. Using their names and making their characters resemble them caused legal disputes.

Due to disagreements, the NCAA refused to renew its license with EA Sports, stopping any future College Football game from being made.

Now, in 2024, it seems as if some sort of agreement has been made, as EA Sports officially announced College Football 25.

When will College Football 25 release?

As of now, there is no definitive release date for the upcoming collegiate sports video game, but fans do know that it will be this summer.

In their recent teaser, EA Sports announced that the game will officially release this summer, with a full reveal coming out in May.

While the teaser trailer showed us a lot, it didn't actually show any gameplay. Instead, it gave us a look at the raw structure that the developers had been working on, showing that a lot was going into this game.

College Football is back and EA Sports has a lot of expectations to fill, so let's hope their first game goes well.

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