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How to sign up for Dune Awakening beta

Get a glimpse of Dune Awakening by signing up for beta tests.

Funcom released the Dune Awakening trailer much to the delight of MMO fans worldwide. Even as the game borrows from books and movies alike, the focus on political survival and the harsh Arrakis desert makes it a compelling title. The game’s open beta signups are already live and here’s everything you need to know about how to sign up for the Dune Awakening Open beta.

How to sign up for Dune Awakening Open Beta

  1. Open a web browser and go to Dune: Awakening
  2. Go to Beta Signup (Top right bar)
  3. Enter your email address in the pop-up box

Once you express your interest in the pop up box, you will be signed up for the newsletter. You will now receive an email when the Beta goes live. 

The Beta test is set to begin soon and players will get their first glimpse on the brand-new survival MMO. The closed beta will have several bugs and there will be problems with the game. The idea of a closed beta is to let players test it out knowing it is an unfinished game at the time. 

Furthermore, closed beta participants will be under an NDA and cannot reveal information about the game on social media or otherwise. 

What to expect in the Closed beta?

The closed beta will be an unfinished version of the game. However, players can expect a focus on resource gathering, shelter building, and resource harvesting. 

Entering your email address does not guarantee access to the closed beta. The game does not have a release date yet, neither does the beta. However, the developers have said they will open signups for the beta very soon. 

So it might be worthwhile to signup for the newsletter today to receive any information about the beta. Dune Awakening will be available on multiple platforms including PC, Xbox and PlayStation. 

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