Dune: Awakening Trailer shows the harsh reality of the Arrakis desert cover image

Dune: Awakening Trailer shows the harsh reality of the Arrakis desert

Levelling up the tech tree, surviving in the harsh desert and later the deadly political climate – all make for an exciting MMO.

Dune Awakening is a survival MMO that brings the harshness and the political puzzle on to a video game. Set in the extremely harsh environment of the Arrakis desert, the video game comes out right after the release of Dune 2 (the movie). 

Dune: Awakening Trailer

Players can’t beat Sandworms and it is best advised to avoid them altogether. There isn’t much information about the Dune 2 Worldbuilding, but the Arakis desert gives us an idea. Players might be spending significant time finding water and just surviving.

Players will start out fresh and over time they will advance on certain traits. Having a mentor and learning new techniques from the Great Schools of the Imperium will help them in their MMO journey. There will be varying customization options available to players, including for armor, cosmetics, and more. 

Dune: Awakening begins like a traditional survival game starting with the basics of surviving. And then the survival changes to one of political survival and how to progress in the universe. The developers intended that venturing into the Desert would be sure to death and the brutality of the desert is aptly showcased in the Arakis World.

Dune: Awakening uses the Unreal Engine. The benefits of the lighting in the game engine are visible in the scale and grandeur of the Arrakis desert. The magnanimous details of the Arrakis desert and the scale of the game makes it an inspiring watch, and one that you would want to explore a lot. 

The Sandworm

Mentioning Dune is incomplete without any mention or talk of the Sandworm. As a player, when you are standing on the sand, you will hear the hiss of the Sandworm first. When it gets closer, you will hear a loud roar as it breaks the ground-level sand. At this point, you only have a few seconds to live - which is why you should stay away from the Sandworm as much as you can.

When does Dune: Awakening release?

There is no fixed release date just yet. However, the game will release on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S at launch.

If you are excited about Sandstorms, the Worm, and just the harsh politics of the Dune World, keep an eye out on esports.gg for more information. The Open Beta signups are now live and players can sign up to get into the game as early as possible.

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