DreamHack Warcraft III Championship will return as an in-person event after nearly two years.

ESL Gaming announced the return of DreamHack Warcraft III Championship which will be a cross-region and in-person event. After a long wait throughout the pandemic, WC3 fans will finally experience a LAN event this end of the year. Preceding this championship will be the DreamHack WC3 Open: Winter which features regional tournaments for Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Players with the most points will qualify for the DreamHack W3 Championship in Stockholm, Sweden. 

ESL reveals the final DreamHack Warcraft III Championship 

It is revealed that Warcraft III will no longer be featured in the ESL Pro Tour W3 from 2022 onwards. Due to this, ESL wants to provide a memorable ending to the fans by organizing the first in-person and cross-regional event in 2 years.  

“Despite the Championship being our final tournament, we are hoping to close out the year strong by providing the first in-person, cross-region tournament since Anaheim in February 2020."

Shaun Clark, Director of Product Management at ESL Gaming.

The Lan event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from 25th - 28th November. From across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the best 16 players will compete for the final EPT WC3 champion title. A sizeable $130, 000 prize pool will also be up for grabs in the final DreamHack Warcraft III Championship.

“ESL has done a phenomenal job celebrating that legacy through the last two years of the ESL Pro Tour. We can’t wait to watch their final send-off at the DreamHack Championship, and we’re excited to see the scene evolve in the hands of community organizers around the world.”

Sam Braithwaite, Director of Global Esports at Blizzard Entertainment.

What is ESL Gaming and ESL Pro Tour?

ESL Gaming is the world’s leading esports company. Its significant products include ESL Mobile, Intel® Extreme Masters, and ESL Pro Tour. The ESL Pro Tour combines multiple ESL tournaments from various game titles, and one of them includes Warcraft III. The upcoming DreamHack WC3 Championship will mark the final feature of the game title in the EPT from 2022 onwards.

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