COVID continues to play havoc with in-person events in 2021. DreamHack’s BYOC events have taken a beating due to the pandemic.

DreamHack has announced it will postpone DreamHack Atlanta due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant of Covid-19. The last in-person DreamHack event was DreamHack Anaheim in February 2020. 

DreamHack creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience — so to postpone Atlanta was not an easy decision.

Marcus Lindmark, President DreamHack, SVP Project and Event Operations at ESL Gaming.

Covid plays havoc with in-person events

The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted LAN events across esports titles. Major titles such as Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO have had to postpone tournaments due to the coronavirus as well as travel uncertainty across the globe. 

But the restrictions on in-person gatherings have hit local community events the hardest. DreamHack focuses on getting players to socialize together at its events. Players usually bring their own gear and the community feel at DreamHack events

Gaming brought, and kept, us together over the last year and a half and it will continue to do so until we return.” “All of us at DreamHack stay committed to providing our fans and followers with great experiences, even if it needs to continue in an alternate format for now,” added Bas Bruinekool, Vice President of Festivals at DreamHack. “We know this decision is heartbreaking, but these are extraordinary times all over the world. The safety and health of everyone involved have never been more important to us than now.” 

DreamHack Atlanta is a gaming convention where users can bring their own computers/consoles (BYOC) to experience the community feel in esports. In addition to tournaments, DreamHack events also feature expos and music performances. The LAN event was originally scheduled to take place from November 12-14, 2021. 

When will DreamHack Atlanta take place?

DreamHack has not yet announced the new dates for its Atlanta convention. For now, gamers should know that the event will take place some time in 2022 and will be an in-person event.

DreamHack will reveal more details on DreamHack Day, December 9, 2022. Gamers can expect a full list of event schedules for 2022 on this day that will include the next date for DreamHack Atlanta.

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Featured Image: Johnde Rochambeau at DreamHack Anaheim