Lunar New Year comes to Diablo IV with Lunar Awakening event cover image

Lunar New Year comes to Diablo IV with Lunar Awakening event

Year of the Dragon, Year of the Sin Mommy.

Lunar New Year comes for all, even the demon-infested lands of Sanctuary. Announced today by Blizzard is the inaugural Lunar Awakening Diablo IV event, bringing the Year of the Dragon to Sin Mommy's realm. Beginning on Feb. 6 and running through Feb. 20, the event brings a number of neat, new features to both Eternal and Seasonal realms.

The various includes Lunar Shrines, new XP bonuses, explosive powers, unique armor sets for each class, and a brand-new dungeon affix. 新年好!

What is the Diablo IV Lunar Awakening event?

The Lunar Night Market is your hub for all things Lunar Awakening in Diablo IV. Found in Ked Bardu, players will travel here to redeem a new currency, Ancestor's Favor. How do you earn this Favor? Lunar Shrines are spread across Sanctuary, which will buff the player and spawn waves of monsters. Kill the waves, get Ancestor's Favor, cash in for Lunar New Year rewards. Easy.

There are 10 levels to this Ancestor's Favor reputation grind, offering a ton of new, exclusive cosmetics. Each class also gets its own unique armor set in the shop, it's just too bad they're all expensive as all heck. Sigh.

Credit: Blizzard
Credit: Blizzard

The Diablo IV Lunar Awakening event won't stay in the night sky forever. Be sure to log in, grind out some currency, and honor those that have come before you. Personally, I'm pumped for that horse armor. I'm never taking it off once I get it unlocked. And if you're lagging behind on the Season of the Construct then now is the time to take advantage of that XP bonus.

The event runs through Feb. 20, so be sure to mark your calendars accordingly and do a tour of the shrines around Sanctuary.

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