Diablo 4 may not be at the heights of its release, but the game has managed to stay afloat and is poised for a promising year ahead.

Blizzard just flexed and posted a collection of Diablo 4 numbers on Twitter for 2023, and it's clear the game has had a strong year. While its transition to live service wasn't always easy, the game shows plenty of potential for longevity with close to a million active players a day.

The latest entry in the popular dungeon-crawling RPG Diablo series was released on June 2023.

Players slayed over a trillion monsters in 2023!

The most mindblowing statistic revealed by the Diablo developers is that players killed over a trillion monsters. This is taking into consideration the fact that the game was only released in June 2023. For some added context, since the word "trillion" simply doesn't do it justice, that's over 924 million killed per day and over 5 billion on average in a month. Those are numbers that would make the Doomslayer proud, indeed!

Diablo 4's numbers are strong, despite some hiccups

The game launched strongly in June, seeing over 6.5 million players and remaining consistent until around September. October saw a big dip in numbers and the hype died down. It didn't help that big hitters were released that month, stealing Diablo IV's thunder.

Between Baldur's Gate 3 in August and Spiderman 2 Alan Wake 2 in October, those games drew in some massive crowds of players. The fact that over 4.5 million players still actively return to Diablo 4 is a promising sign for the game. It's a live service title and all it takes is a decent content update to lure players back.

The butcher lives up to his name!

The Butcher is among the game's most feared boss fights and has truly lived up to his name. He murdered 37 million players in cold blood as they failed to get the best of him. It'll be interesting to see if the developers can top this boss fight. There are certainly a few fights in the game that give him a run for his money.

Among other statistics, Blizzard revealed that Sorcerer and Necromancer were the most popular character classes in the game. Diablo 4 has a long way to go in 2024 if it is to retain its player base and stay afloat but it has managed to hold itself through 2023, despite the odds. The game was later released on Steam in October.

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