Fans of the new Onslaught mode are about to get a nice reward.

Destiny 2's latest mid-season update, Into the Light, will welcome the new wave-clearing mode, Onslaught. According to the dev team this new mode will give loot buffs if you manage to reach wave 50.

The mid-season update will be the final new content before the long-awaited Final Shape DLC arrives in Summer 2024.

Image Courtesy of Bungie
Image Courtesy of Bungie

Destiny 2 Onslaught gets a major loot buff

In a thread on X, Destiny 2 developers have announced some massive changes to the loot system in the new Onslaught mode that is taking the community by storm. This is primarily to address there being a clear lack of incentive for sticking around for all 50 of the rounds, regardless of difficulty. But, thankful for players, it looks like the devs are listening.

In the above thread, the dev team lays out a few big changes coming to Destiny 2 Onslaught loot and addresses a bug stating that Shaxx's vendor reputation will reset. Unfortunately, it's looking like there will be no reset for Shaxx, but the updates to loot make it more than worth it.

Changes coming according to the dev team

"Change 1: A chance for one additional weapon to drop when you complete a wave. The drop chance will increase per wave until you get your weapon, and the drop will be guaranteed on wave 50."

"Change 2: A bonus weapon will also drop after you complete wave 50 in either difficulty. This change along with the first means that completing 50 waves will guarantee two additional weapons."

They noted that there will also be increases in Trophies of Bravery for waves deeper in a run, hoping to make the feeling of sticking around for a full run, which can take around an hour, more rewarding. Until this change is done, much of the sentiment in the communtiy is to reach level 10, reset, and start a new run. Hopefully these changes will make that sort of gameplay loop a thing of the past.

When will the Onslaught loot buffs go live?

In the same thread involving Destiny 2 Onslaught, devs said that they are "targeting an update next week to get these changes live in the game" which means players should expect a set of patch notes sometime Around April 23rd, but an exact date isn't certain at this time.

For players grinding the new mode, it may be worth waiting until these changes roll through before playing too much, as it looks like these new rewards are going to seriously ramp up once these updates go live.

While you're waiting to jump back in, don't hesitate to check out the other Destiny 2 content coming from! We will provide updates once these changes go live in next week's patch notes.

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