The Esports Certification Institute promises to increase diversity and inclusion in the industry.

A group of esports veterans has launched a certification program for esports to foster professionalism, promote meritocracy, and increase diversity and inclusion in esports. ECI will administer its merit-based exam and certification program for esports.

The cost of taking the exam is $400. ECI claims this price is at the bottom of industry-level certification exams such as the CFA and CPA.

Community reacts to Esports Certification Institute

The ECI plans to hold its first examination on June 19 and 20. But the community was extremely critical of this new program. Many prominent figures were quick to point out their lack of credentials and how it was not a barrier to their career path in esports. 

Co-founder of, Ben Goldhaber also mentioned some of his ‘qualifications’.

LCS shoutcaster, Clayton Raines, said he would not have made it in esports with a $400 ‘paywall’. 

Esports journalist Jacob Wolf received an invitation to join the ECI board. He declined as he was concerned about the optics of the program. 

Does an esports certification program actually benefit anyone during the hiring program? Director of Media at Luminosity, Matt Demers said he would not skip any steps in the hiring process based on this certification.

The quality of questions in the program also received a lot of criticism. 

There are differing opinions on the need for an entry test to esports. While it will help big organizations to hire the right people, it could also serve as a gate-keeping barrier for aspiring candidates. The Epsorts Certification Institute counts some big names as its advisors. Ben Spoont, Phil Aram, Christopher Puckett, Andy Miller, Nicole LaPointe Jameson and many more form an impressive list of advisors for this new company.

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