New reports suggest a late-July launch for the long-awaited title.

Fans of the long-time EA Sports NCAA Football franchise have been pining for more information about College Football 25. Currently, College Football 25 only has a "Summer 2024" release date. But, after a recent report, we may have a much more exact release date to zero in on. More on that, and everything else we know about EA Sports College Football 25 below.

When is the College Football 25 release date?

A recent report from insider Dov Kleiman suggests that EA Sports College Football 25 "is expected to come out on July 19th."

This would fit with the summer 2024 timeline. Additionally, it lines up with other popular fan theories that pointed to July 12 or 19 College Football 25 release date. This report, however exciting, has yet to be confirmed by EA Sports or any other source. So, readers are encouraged to take this with a grain of salt.

It's also worth noting that another writer, Matt Brown, reported that EA officials declined to comment on the game's reported release date leak or confirm anything officially. EA are likely waiting to make their own announcement of the news.

College Football 25: Everything we know so far

The broadcast experience looks like it will be as robust as ever

In a recent clip, Chris Fowler gave a behind-the-scenes update on just how in-depth he has been working to ensure College Football 25 has a quality broadcast product. Fowler detailed that he has worked countless hours, even redoing large portions of what he had already voiced over, to ensure that the game feels just as real as watching a live college football game.

College Football 25 will have a massive pool of players, but not all players

Most players have confirmed their involvement in the college football reboot. This reportedly netted them a minimum of $600 and a copy of EA Sports College Football 25. In fact, as of March 4th, 10,000 players had committed to being in the game, according to a tweet from the game's official account.

Image Courtesy of Tim Warner/Getty Images
Image Courtesy of Tim Warner/Getty Images

However, there is at least one marquee player who will not be featured in the new game. Arch Manning from the University of Texas will not be involved. While there are no other major players who have publicly refused to be in the game thus far, there are bound to be others.

Expect the return of classics, with a modern touch

In a recent article, this author outlined a few other speculative hopes for the upcoming game. This included some classic features in past iterations of the franchise. One of these that has been confirmed is the Heisman Trophy. This insinuates the trophy ceremony will be a part as well.

Otherwise, little specifics are known so far. But, as more news continues to come to light over the summer, make sure and stay tuned for all fo the latest here at!

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