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CodeMiko, the most unique streaming experience

CodeMiko is a streamer that has taken Twitch by storm through her innovative use of motion capture. A true pioneer in the space, we take a look at some insights she shared and her rise to fame.

CodeMiko is one of the most popular and unique VTubers in the world. With streams that reach 10,000 viewers on a consistent basis and a growing Youtube Channel, the VTuber is a quick overnight success. In just a year, Codemiko is paving the way for the VTubing niche and becoming the face of the Streaming Genre. Still, while CodeMiko is a Vtuber, what really separates her from others like her, is The Technician.

While most Vtubers like to hide their identity for the anonymity of the character, CodeMiko offers a different viewership experience. She recently spoke to Creator Economics as herself about the challenges she has conquered.

<em>A side by side of CodeMIko and Miko the Technician.</em>
A side by side of CodeMIko and Miko the Technician.

Miko, popularly known as The Technician, is the creator of CodeMiko. She is the person who brings the Virtual character to life. Through a motion censored bodysuit, she is able to control CodeMiko’s body movements and also what happens to her. Viewers can interact with her through donations, either imposing temporary restrictions on CodeMiko - such as having to speak another language or rap - or can "invade" her 3D environment and run around in the background on stream.

Viewers and spectators are caught up in the success and spectacle that is CodeMiko. Though, it is Miko, popularly known as “The Technician”, who really creates a unique experience.

Miko: "I decided to spend another 20 grand to try and make it on Twitch"

The only time we really hear about struggle for streamers is once they are successful. Seeing many success stories promotes an all-in mentality. Creating the belief that you will likely succeed when that isn’t always the case. For Miko the Technician, things were really scary in the early stages of streaming.

“The hardest part about it all was that I was tied up to a lease in LA.” Miko recalls her moments after being laid off from her previous job. “It was 2 grand a month to live here, I wasn’t making any money and then I decided to spend another 20 grand to try and make it on Twitch.”

The 20 grand was spent on the Mo-cap suit, the computer and her setup. What makes Miko different from other streamers is getting to see both Codemiko and The Technician. This difference and uniqueness is what really catapulted her success from 200 viewers per stream, to nearly 10,000 at any given moment.

The viral twitter clip which skyrocketed CodeMiko’s viewership numbers.

Her clips began circulating on r/LivestreamFail. Then, bigger streamers began swarming her stream in which she would interview them, which is now one of her most popular bits on stream. This cycle now puts Miko in a position of Twitch stardom, but her stream goes far past normal Virtual Streaming.

Dual Personalities of One Person

The separation from reality and virtual reality creates an interesting viewership experience. On one side, you have CodeMiko who provides an otherworld experience for viewers. Viewers can control different things that happen to Miko and watch her interview other Twitch Streamers, a side that pushes the boundaries of normal Twitch Streaming experiences. 

When she is CodeMiko, The Technician embraces the character and all of her craziness, a change from her more reserved nature.

Still, while the experience may feel like two different worlds clashing, Miko does not see it this way. Instead, she sees CodeMiko as another part of her personality and views it as a way to express another side of herself.

“You are playing as a character, but you are also being yourself” Miko explains in an interview with Creator Economics

The Technician is not shy to show who she is to the stream and that is a part of the charm in the experience. 

“I think it gets difficult to replicate that.” When it comes to Miko, I don’t always have to play Miko.”

You can have The Technician without Miko, but CodeMiko will struggle to have the same effect if The Technician isn’t there to give her life.

Why CodeMiko Grew So Quickly

The CodeMiko project is one that took a lot of risk in order to reach its current popularity. Miko constantly battles various roadblocks that may hinder the progress of CodeMiko. Yet, she moves through these big financial risks.  All on the basis that these are necessary risks to make her ultimate goals with CodeMiko a reality.

At the end of the day, what really catapulted CodeMiko’s success is the unique charm to the stream. If the stream were not unique, there is no telling if that Twitter clip would have ever gone viral. The Technician got a break of a lifetime from one twitter clip, but her dedication to creating a unique experience for viewers is what will keep her as an evergreen streaming on Twitch for quite some time.

What’s the Ultimate Goal for CodeMiko

As for her current focus, The Technician simply told Creator Economics that it is Youtube and Twitch, but her ultimate goal is much different.

While she has a three year roadmap of what she wants CodeMiko to accomplish, her ultimate goal with this project would incorporate one of her biggest passions, game development.

“Ultimate goal is to be apart of a triple A game” Miko The Technician confidently states,  “So if that can happen by the end of three years that would be awesome.” She concludes.

Until then, those interested in checking out more of CodeMiko’s content, you can follow her through Youtube and Twitter.

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