Clix joins VaynerSports; the same talent agency that represents Fortnite Champion, Bugha cover image

Clix joins VaynerSports; the same talent agency that represents Fortnite Champion, Bugha

Clix has officially joined his first talent agency. Read more below.

Even competitive Fortnite players need proper representation. Cody "Clix" Conrod, the Fortnite player, announced today that he has officially joined VaynerSports.

VaynerSports is the same talent-representation agency that represents the Fortnite World Cup Champion, Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, and award-winning Web3 gaming creator Bryce "Brycent" Johnson.

Being the number 1 Fortnite streamer in North America, Clix joins his first talent-agency

You would think someone of Clix's size via social media (15 million followers) would have found talent representation already. Up until this point, the esteemed creator has been pushing forward without an agency.

“I haven’t worked with an agency up until this point in my career,” said Clix. “The experience, resources and capabilities that VaynerSports offers are exactly what I need to make the biggest type of impact possible now and in the future.”

Clix with NRG via Dexerto
Clix with NRG via Dexerto

Being only 18 years old, Clix has made strides within the gaming industry that very few will ever do. With thousands of fans watching him daily, the streamer has continued to grow at an extremely rapid rate.

His devotion to gaming and entertaining his viewers is what makes Clix such an inspiration for other creators and gamers.

VaynerSports expresses their excitement about Clix joining their roster

Being able to support such a popular streamer is not something that VaynerSports is taking lightly. The popular talent representation agency spoke highly of their expectations with Clix.

"Clix embodies what the gaming creator economy is all about,” said Chairman of VaynerSports and Founder and CEO of VaynerX, Gary Vaynerchuk. “We're excited to have him on our team and provide him with the support and engine he needs to create a sustainable impact."

VaynerSports via VaynerSports
VaynerSports via VaynerSports

VaynerSports, which currently represents various professional and collegiate athletes, have become recognized as the fastest-growing sports agency in the United States.

"We're very energized to work with Clix,” added Darren Glover, VP of Gaming at VaynerSports. “Clix is a dual-threat who competes competitively at the highest levels of Fortnite and is an exceptional creator and entertainer. Developing a more purposeful mission for Clix's career and brand is the primary driver of growth that we're going to accomplish together."

VaynerSports' enthusiasm for their future journey with Clix is extremely optimistic for the future of esports.

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