The classic kart racer from 1999 gets a sequel on Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest developer and publisher Square Enix just announced Chocobo GP, a sequel to 1999 kart racer Chocobo Racing. Square Enix revealed the game today via the Nintendo Direct, dropping a 60-second gameplay trailer in the process.

Chocobo GP is a kart racer in the same vein as as its predecessor. Similar to titles like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, it takes on traditional arcade racing gameplay. The game features characters from popular Square Enix IPs, with the main character being a Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series.

According to the trailer, the story of Chocobo GP is about granting one wish to the winner of the tournament. This makes it somewhat similar to that of Twisted Metal, another classic PlayStation franchise from the 1990s.

Image via Square Enix
Image via Square Enix

Spells from Final Fantasy featured heavily in the teaser as well. Collecting Magicite (magical stones from various Final Fantasy games) allows players to upgrade their spells, such as when going from Fire to Fira and finally Firaga. Firaga in particular looks like this massive fireball that could take out multiple racers on track at once.

Phoenix Down

The original Chocobo Racing released on the PlayStation all the way back in August of 1999. Riding the popularity of smash hits like Final Fantasy VII and Parasite Eve, Chocobo Racing proved to be quite successful among the Square Enix faithful at the time.

It wasn't quite as well-received by the video gaming world at large, though, with reviewers calling it a mediocre attempt at cashing in on the success of their flagship games in the late 1990s. Critics primarily pointed to its unrefined graphics and clunky controls as the two main reasons. Despite its relatively low overall quality, however, it became a cult classic with Final Fantasy fans in that particular era.

Despite the mixed reception, however, Chocobo Racing was actually supposed to get a sequel on the Nintendo 3DS. Chocobo Racing 3D was reportedly the working title for the sequel, but Square Enix elected to cancel development in 2013. Chocobo GP on the other hand looks like it's close to completion. The trailer also shows a huge improvement in graphical quality compared to the original, which we've come to expect out of Square Enix over the last decade or so.

Chocobo GP arrives on Nintendo Switch in 2022.