The gameHERs honor amazing women and femme identifying people in the video game industry, and you can nominate your favorite industry member now!

It’s time to celebrate some of the most incredible members of the gaming industry with the gameHERs awards, a way to honor the most impactful women and femme persons in gaming. Encompassing the spectra of gender identity and expression, the gameHERs 2022 will highlight all, from well-known content creators, to the not yet well-known, and mighty individuals impacting the industry in powerful ways.

With over 30 awards, divided across six categories, the gameHERs cover the breadth and width of the gaming industry. These categories include:

  • Collegiate,
  • Charity,
  • Content Creation,
  • Esports,
  • Industry Favorites
  • Streaming

Last year’s awards honored talent such as Jessica "JessGOAT" Bolden as the Best On Camera Talent, and awarded Skatebird developer Megan Fox the award for Standout Indie Developer. But the awards don’t stop at just developers and talent. Ranging from honors such as the Journalist of the Year Award, to the Charity Streamer of the Year Award, the gameHERs will celebrate the exceptional in gaming.

Sound like anyone you know? Then now’s your chance to honor them with a nomination:

How to cast your nominations for the gameHERs Awards

Nominations for the gameHERs awards are open now! (Image via gameHERs)
Nominations for the gameHERs awards are open now! (Image via gameHERs)

Nominations for the gameHERs Awards launched on August 3rd and are open until August 26th. To submit your nomination, you can fill out the form on the official website here. A full list of the 30 potential award categories are listed here.

You can nominate each person for one award at a time. You may submit as many nominations as you like! Nominees will be contacted after nominations close, August 26th, 2022.

So why wait? If you know a woman and/or femme identifying person who you think should be awarded for their dedication and mastery of their craft, submit your nomination. It only takes a few minutes, and you could see your nominee get some much deserved recognition!