Microsoft are allowing Bobby Kotick to stay on as CEO of Activision-Blizzard while they work through the transition phase of their $70 billion acquisition.

Microsoft have announced that Bobby Kotick will be staying on as the CEO for Activision-Blizzard. He will remain in-charge while Microsoft works through the transition phase of their $70 billion acquisition of the studio. Here is what we know so far.

Bobby Kotick To Stay On As Activision CEO

Earlier today, Microsoft announced that they will be purchasing Activision-Blizzard in a deal said to be around $70 billion. Following on from this monumental announcement, Microsoft went on to state that Bobby Kotick will remain as CEO during the transitional phase. He will however now answer directly to Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Gaming CEO.

This was confirmed by Kotick himself in a statement he made to the Wall Street Journal. "Transactions like these can take a long time to complete," Kotick said. "Until we receive all of the necessary regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions are satisfied, which we expect to be sometime in Microsoft's fiscal 2023 year, ending June 30, 2023, we will continue to operate autonomously. I will continue to as our CEO with the same passion and enthusiasm I had when I began this amazing journey in 1991."

What Does This Mean?

At the time of writing this, Microsoft have had their conference call to investors in response to the announcement. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot mentioned regarding what Microsoft plan to do to handle the ongoing employee misconduct allegations that have been floating around Activision-Blizzard for the past eight months. Phil Spencer did, however, state the following towards the end of the call:

"We’re looking forward to working with the thousands of talented Activision Blizzard employees with the same approach of proactive inclusion and partnership that we extend to every member of the Microsoft family. We believe firmly that the great teams at Activision Blizzard have their best work in front of them, and we’re looking forward to making sure they feel supported, safe and engaged in every aspect of their work, going forward. That includes respecting the creative vision and identity of individual game studios. We have fundamental values that we refuse to compromise on, and we embrace the vibrant, creative diversity of our industry."

So while there has been no indication as to what Microsoft's plans are for Kotick post transition. Though if they intend to stick by their statement then it is likely they will be re-evalutating position following the transition. But, given the shear magnitude of problems within the company, many will be hoping Microsoft sort these out sooner rather than later.