Blizzard opens pre-orders for expensive World of Warcraft keycaps cover image

Blizzard opens pre-orders for expensive World of Warcraft keycaps

Is this plunder worth the gold?

It's never been a better time to be a mechanical keyboard fan. While some hate the clickity clack of every button press, there's a lot of cool customization options available. Not just limited to RGB lights, there's entire companies dedicated to creating unique color sets and even individual keys for any theme. Blizzard is attempting to get into the game with its own World of Warcraft 'artisan' keycaps, available for pre-order today. But don't expect artisan to mean cheap, as a single key will run you sixty bucks.

Created by Clackeys in Davis, California, the Horde and Alliance World of Warcraft keycaps feature a treasure chest themed to each faction. Meant as a replacement for the ESC key, it's a neat little bit of flair to show your true faction colors.

But... Man, that price. As much as I love World of Warcraft stuff, sixty bucks for a keycap that amounts to a Dungeons & Dragons painted mini seems like a lot. Maybe I'm missing something. Let's look at the specifics.

World of Warcraft keycaps available from Blizzard

Maybe the devil is in the details when it comes to these World of Warcraft keycaps, now available for pre-order and shipping in May. Here's the rundown.

  • 18mm  x 16mm
  • Cherry MX Switches and Clones
  • Posable handles
  • Hand-Cast Resin
  • Hand-Painted
  • Made by Clackeys in Davis, California
  • Resin
  • Officially Licensed

The artisan part of these keycaps comes from them being fully molded and constructed by hand from resin. So, there is a level of craftsmanship at work here that's more than just spitting something out via 3D printer. But... sixty dollars? For one cap? A cap on my ESC key? You'd have to be all-in on theming to rationalize that money. I'm not saying it doesn't take skill to create these World of Warcraft keycaps. I certainly couldn't do it.

But to pay that much for a single, somewhat in-the-way bauble for your keyboard? A bridge too far.

Regardless, you can get your hands on these Blizzard beauties now. Each World of Warcraft keycap ships in May, so plan accordingly. Just remember: It won't make your spells any faster during raids.

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