Blizzard addresses ongoing DDOS attacks causing their servers to have various issues cover image

Blizzard addresses ongoing DDOS attacks causing their servers to have various issues

Blizzard announced they are “actively monitoring” the recent situation regarding DDOS attacks.

The last thing you want as a gaming company is for your servers to get DDOS'd. Cyber attacks are a severe problem online, and gamers are not immune to them. Blizzard's servers have had a constant DDOS attack over the past few days, causing various latency and connection issues amongst their games.

"We continue to actively monitor an ongoing DDOS attack which is affecting latency/connections to our games," Blizzard said in a recent Tweet.

This has become a serious problem for the company. Their most recent release, Diablo IV, recently went down for around six hours at one point. A lack of activity for a new online game is no scenario any gaming company would wish for, making things extremely stressful for Blizzard and the players.

Blizzard responds to DDOS attacks; says they are 'actively monitoring them'

So what exactly is a DDOS attack? A DDOS, standing for "distributed denial-of-service", attack is when an attempt is made to deny usage to a server. In Blizzard's case, the company's online servers have been getting shut down all weekend, forcing players to take breaks from their games.

Diablo IV (Image via Blizzard)
Diablo IV (Image via Blizzard)

There are various ways that people can create DDOS attacks, including malware, bots and more, but being able to affect a company as large as Blizzard shows a defined knowledge of cyber attacks.

In fact, DDOS attacks on this scale are so severe that they can be punishable by prison. With an attack this heavy going on, we can only assume the culprit will face a heavy fine and possible jail time if caught.

How to handle a DDOS attack as a gamer

There is not much you can do from a gamer's perspective when handling a DDOS attack. Unfortunately, you have to wait for the company to gain control over their servers again. In the meantime, you will just simply have to go outside and touch grass.

I know, scary, right?

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