Don’t expect the Disney version to make an appearance.

Smite 2 is committed to expanding the rooster of Gods, and Aladdin may be the first one up to bat. Dataminers have discovered files from the game’s early testing phase that include references to the Arabian myth. Hi-Rez Studios has already confirmed that the game will come with new playable Gods, so this could be an unintended preview. 

Here’s everything we know about Aladdin in Smite 2, from the information in the files and the original myth.

Files for Aladdin found in Smite 2 test

The Aladdin leaks for Smite 2 come from Smite Datamining, an unofficial community dedicated to combing the game for unreleased information.

While not really a God in the traditional sense, the original Aladdin myth grants plenty of opportunities for a character. In the story, Aladdin controls two genies of unequal strength. The weaker genie spawns from a ring while the more powerful comes from a lamp. Aladdin doesn't do much beyond command of the genies, though he slays a sorcerer and his disguised brother seemingly by myself.

This could naturally set up a dual kit based on his ultimate. Aladdin’s basic abilities could turn up to 11 during his ultimate, which switches him from the ring genie to the lamp genie. Aladdin’s basic abilities could be anything from stereotypical sword slashes to flavorful magic, but all of them will likely look great in the new Smite 2 engine.

Note that Smite Datamining has yet to release details on the leak, though the community’s leader FAERayo has promised to reveal more at a later date. It’s also possible that Aladdin will be an NPC rather than a playable character, as the myth sometimes portrays him as a wealthy merchant. Expect Hi-Rez to reveal more about the potential addition as Smite 2 inches closer to release.

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