The College Football 25 gameplay looks as good as advertised.

Developers at EA Sports have just unveiled the first true look at gameplay in College Football 25 in a match between Michigan running back and cover athlete, Donovan Edwards, and popular CFB25 content creator, Bordeaux. The video gave us a great look at some of the new and exciting gameplay features coming to the new game. Here are our top five takeaways.

There is a lot to love in the College Football 25 Gameplay First Look (Image via EA Sports)
There is a lot to love in the College Football 25 Gameplay First Look (Image via EA Sports)

#1: The passing meter is even more in-depth than we thought

At multiple different points in the Gameplay First Look video put out by EA Sports developers, we can see just how in-depth the new passing mechanics are. Passes will all have difficulty ratings, ranging from green to red, or easy to difficult, and making tougher passes will result in off-target throws and a higher likelihood of drops. This is also affected by QB wear-and-tear, defensive pressure, and so much more.

Players can also now use the left stick to direct passes into tight windows, which Bordeaux showed off in their first game with a beautiful pass down the left sideline, seen below.

#2: Pitching mechanics explained

We know now that there are three different types of pitches players can make in College Football 25 gameplay: Fake pitch, quick pitch, and strong pitch. The fake is obvious and will be used to redirect would-be defenders, quick pitch has a faster animation but may be somewhat off target, and the strong pitch takes a bit longer but will hit the runner in stride.

Developers detail each of these around the 3:40 mark in the video linked below.

#3: Kicking is not as easy as you might think

Kicking in College Football 25 may be tougher than football sim players are used to. You can now "over-kick" and miss a short-yardage field goal even with proper aim. This will mean that players need to focus up and ensure they are not only aiming their field goals correctly, but also getting the timing right on the power bar.

This is detailed around the 16:15 mark in the video linked below.

#4: The top 100 players had hand-selected player badges

Being one of the top 100 players in the game, Donovan Edwards showed off some of his hand-picked player badges that developers picked out for him. This should make the game's most iconic players even stronger and more tailored to their real-world skill set.

#5: There are a lot of Touchdown celebrations

Donovan Edwards scored several times in this video, which allowed us to get a great look at all of the Touchdown celebrations players can look forward to. You can get a great look at this throughout the video, with some of them listed around the 6:00 mark linked below. Colorado and Shedeur Sanders even have their own exclusive celebration thanks to the player's iconic celebration in the 2023-2024 season where he showed off his watch. All in all, there are over 20 Touchdown celebrations in College Football 25.

We hope you enjoyed this look at EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay! Stay tuned for more news and updates from