Capcom just announced their largest Street Fighter tournament ever. Read below for more details.

Capcom surprised fans with a massive announcement this weekend during the Capcom Cup IX. The tournament series will be scaling its size next year for the next cup by having a $2 million prize pool.

Not only is this prize pool incredibly large, but whoever ends in first place will walk out with a whopping $1 million.

Quite a bit of a change, right?

Street Fighter 6 will make its first appearance in the competitive world during Capcom Cup X

As Capcom Cup IX showcased the competitive style within Street Fighter 5, Capcom Cup X will be within the world of Street Fighter 6. The long-awaited fighting game is set to release later in 2023, bringing fans hope for the future of the franchise.

With the famous video game series being around since 1992, competitors have been honing their skills for years. With this being the largest prize pool in fighting game history, we are looking at the possibility of numerous gaming legends being made.

In fact, the largest fighting game prize pool was a $1.3 million Brawlhalla tournament in 2022. There have been very few in the past years that have accumulated over $500,000 in prizing.

So, what does this mean for the fight gaming community?

Well, it looks like a high bar is being set for future tournaments. People are now about to have their expectations set high, and Capcom will hopefully continue to fulfill on this.

Top players are ready to put their trust in Capcom, and so are we.

Dates and more for Capcom Cup X

As of now, an official date for Capcom Cup X has not been announced but presumably will be held later in 2023 or early 2024. With Capcom Cup IX wrapping up, there will be some sort of downtime before we see the next one.

Also, Street Fighter 6 still needs to release. There will be no Capcom Cup X without it.

The official prizing has also not been released, as for now we only know that first place will receive $1 million.

Stay tuned to for more Capcom Cup X and esports news.