13-year-old becomes first player to beat Tetris on NES, as Sky News report slammed cover image

13-year-old becomes first player to beat Tetris on NES, as Sky News report slammed

Willis “Blue Scuti” Gibson, a 13-year old from Florida became the first human in history to “beat” Tetris, breaking the internet in the process.

Oklahoma based teenager who goes by the screen name Blue Scuti became an internet sensation overnight after he managed to beat Tetris on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 13-year-old Willis "Blue Scuti" Gibson is believed to be the first human player in to beat Tetris in its NES format.

The technicalities of his accomplishment are a little complicated but it will nevertheless go down as one of the most impressive feats in gaming history, despite attempts by Sky News to diminish his achievements.

How did he beat NES Tetris?

It's important to note that the NES version of Tetris released in 1984 and hasn't been beaten by a human since. An AI beat it in 2021 and it did so by pushing the game to its technical limit. This makes Willis "Blue Scuti" Gibson's achievement all the more impressive.

He managed to reach the infamous Tetris "kill screen" by using a method known as "rolling." It's possible on the original NES controller, which Gibson used, by flicking the controller from behind with as many fingers as needed to move the falling blocks towards the desired slot. He did this on a 39-minute run, hitting level 157 and his score read "99999".

Who is 13 year old Tetris conqueror Blue Scuti?

Willis Gibson, who goes by the screen name Blue Scuti is an Oklahoma based pro-Tetris player who has been obsessed with beating the game for a while. He's a popular figure among the Tetris community even before he accomplished this feat, and was one of many players making the attempt to crash the game by pushing it towards its programming limitations and therefore hitting the "kill" screen.

He claims he's been practicing 20 hours a week for this moment to come. In a heart-warming tribute, he dedicated the moment to his late father. Blue Scuti will go down in folklore as the first human being to defeat Tetris, a game that was considered impossible to beat until just two years ago.

Sky News Reporter called out for diminishing Willis Gibson's feat

While Blue Scuti's accomplishment is undoubtedly impressive, it's being diminished by the unfortunate comments of Sky News Reporter Jayne Secker. As she reported on the news, she passed some unsolicited advice about how "beating Tetris is not a life goal" and whipped out the age-old "go outside and play line." The reporter is being called out by users across Twitter for her comments along with Sky News, who are being accused of diminishing Gibson's incredible achievement.

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