100 Thieves release new energy “rejuvenation” drink Juvee cover image

100 Thieves release new energy “rejuvenation” drink Juvee

100 Thieves just introduced their brand new rejuvenation drink Juvee! Join us as we break down what the drink is all about.

Earlier today (October 4th), one of the premier Esports organizations in the world 100 Thieves introduced their new energy drink. Juvee, branded as a "rejuvenation drink" comes in three different flavors, purportedly contain a low calorie and sugar amount and claim to be healthy for an energy drinks. 100 Thieves can now add energy drinks on top of their massive and ever expanding list of projects.

Juvee's flavors

Currently, there are only three flavors of the Juvee rejuvenation Drink. However, there is always room to add more, and knowing 100 Thieves, there will be more flavors coming soon. Currently, those available are Kiwi Strawberry, Tropical Crush and Watermelon Lime. These are classic summer flavors, and according to Nadeshot himself, he loves how they taste.

(Image via 100T)
(Image via 100T)

Comparing to other brands

Juvee refers itself as a rejuvenation drink rather than just a energy drink. However at the end of the day, they essentially mean the same thing as they are both caffeinated soft drinks. However, Juvee by comparison is reportedly healthier.

(Image via 100T)
(Image via 100T)

With five calories, allegedly zero sugar and only 128mg of caffeine, Juvee seemingly has a very low health impact compared other energy drinks. The classic Monster and Redbull have around 42 and 45 calories, 10 and 11 grams of sugar respectively. However, Redbull surprisingly has less caffeine content at 80mg. But there is less overall liquid in a single serving of Redbull. Monster Energy drinks have around 160 mg of caffeine, so Juvee is a good middle ground.

But given the lack of sugar, we must assume that Juvee instead uses sweeteners, which carry their own health concerns. Sweeteners, such as aspartame and sorbitol, are sometimes attributed to increase appetites, weight gain, and diabetes.

Purchasing Juvee

Juvee currently is selling online on the Juvee website and via online grocery delivery service Gopuff. It sells in 12 packs. With one time purchases, you can expect to pay $35 USD per 12 pack (shipping is excluded). However, there is a subscription based price, where you save 10%. This means you'd be paying $32.40 USD (shipping is excluded). Rather than constantly re-ordering with typical subscription services, the subscription for Juvee is more of a newsletter. So the 10% off might just be worth it if you don't mind getting the emails.

(Image via 100T)
(Image via 100T)

Unfortunately, Juvee is in its early stages and does not ship internationally. However, with the nature of 100 Thieves, international shipping will be available soon. Who knows what other projects and industries 100 Thieves will take on next. Only time will tell.

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