Heineken and 100 Thieves renewed their brand partnership to encourage socializing among gamers. Here’s what to expect and more.

Heineken and 100 Thieves have renewed their brand partnership with the intention of elevating the social aspect of the gaming space. Here are the details!

100 Thieves and Heineken partnership graphic (Image via 100 Thieves and Heineken)
100 Thieves and Heineken partnership graphic (Image via 100 Thieves and Heineken)

100 Thieves and Heineken partnership

According to 100 Thieves, the goal of this partnership extension is to elevate "socializing in and around gaming." Heineken, which is a brewing company, debuted as the gaming organization's official beer partner back in August 2022.

The partnership helps 100 Thieves in terms of production efforts, which means support across social channels and video content. This also includes the upcoming season for The Courage and Nadeshot Show.

As the name suggests, this show involves 100 Thieves CEO and co-founder Matt "Nadeshot" Haag plus co-owner Jack "CouRageJD" Dunlop. It also features the latest in gaming and pop culture. Later this week, Nadeshot, CourageJD, and content creator Peter Park will visit Miami to meet fans in gaming and racing.

100 Thieves compound to bring gamers together

Heineken’s branding will also appear in the gaming organization's compound in Los Angeles. This will be part of a soon-to-be-built bar. The location will encourage socializing among gamers and facilitate gaming, lifestyle programming, and events.

“Heineken’s commitment to gaming culture is what makes them such a perfect partner for 100 Thieves,” John Robinson, the president of the gaming organization, said. He added how whether it's Coachella or watching VALORANT, both parties work well together in terms of creating memorable moments.

Frank Amorese, the vice president of media, partnerships, and consumer experience at Heineken, shared similar sentiments.

“We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with 100 Thieves,” Amorese said. He also noted how the partnership will tap into the passion and energy of gamers while bringing fans together over the new Heineken Silver drink.

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