EU FNCS Semi-Finals delivered the most exciting weekend of Competitive Fortnite in a long time. The key moment came from zAndy’s solo clutch.

The semi-final round of FNCS held the most excitement thus far in Season 7. Across EU, teams battled for their spots in the FNCS Grand Finals. First, the fight took place in Heats. Then the Reboot round captured the attention of Fortnite fans around the world. zAndy clutched one of the most memorable solo plays in Reboot Round history.

Former Asia FNCS winner, Force, qualifies for EU FNCS Grand Finals

Last season, "Force" won the Asia FNCS Grand Finals. This season, the champion moved to Europe. Force is a Russian native. Most Russian players compete in the European region, but the Eastern Russian players have a better connection to Asia. Therefore, he competed in Asia. Then moved to Europe this season and quickly found success.

Force played with Igor "7tor" Popov and Dmitry "Siberiajkee" Voronin for EU FNCS. He quickly found a trio and saw success. Force, 7tor, and Siberiajkee qualified for FNCS Round 4 during their first trio event together. Quickly, they showed promise.

Unfortunately, the flashes of promises failed to lead to a Top 3 finish. This forced them into the FNCS Semi-Finals. In the first Heat, the trio played clinically. They put together a brilliant stretch of games that earned them 2nd place in the Heat. This qualified Force, 7tor, and Siberiajkee for Grand Finals.

zAndy wins a Reboot Round match as a solo with a tremendous clutch

The Reboot Round are the most exciting matches in competitive Fortnite. In Europe's first match, Andrei "zAndy" Ursu delivered an unforgettable play. He popped off during the final few moments. When all hope appeared to be lost, zAndy chained together three eliminations to stay alive.

Those eliminations provided zAndy tons of heals. Once he eliminated the majority of the lobby, he slowed down to go for the heal-off. Many players panic and misplay the heals, but not zAndy. He secured the Victory Royale and earned his trio a spot in the FNCS Grand Finals. Alongside zAndy, his teammates, Sean "LP Seanvp" Byrne and "AOS Chashy" prepare for the next round. The final round of this FNCS awaits these three.

Recently, this trio has been playing incredibly well together. Earlier this week, they won the EU Trio Cash Cup. They appeared to be peaking at the right time. Now, their biggest challenge of the season awaits them next weekend.

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Several big names fall short of qualification, Th0masHD, Mitr0, Freemok, Letshe and more!

Only 33 trios advance to the FNCS Grand Finals. Unfortunately, the opportunity to qualify shrunk every week. Then the top trios across Europe had one final opportunity to qualify through the Semi-Finals. A number of the region's top names failed to reach the next round.

One of the most notable trios to fall was Th0masHD, Flikk, and Anas. This trio stood as the most consistent over the past three seasons. Even though they did not win an FNCS, these three placed in the Top 10 every time. Their past performance left them as a lock to qualify for FNCS Grand Finals, once again.

Not everyone lives up to expectations. Th0masHD, Flikk, and Anas fell a mere three points short of advancing out of the EU FNCS Semi-Finals. Next, they needed to win a match in the Reboot Round. The trio found themselves on the high ground position a couple of times, but too many teams contested height. Their plan did not work. For the first time since playing together, the trio missed out on an FNCS Grand Finals.

They were not the only big name to end their season this weekend. Several other household names struggled this FNCS. Some of the most notable names missing from Grand Finals: Mitr0, Freemok, Mongraal, Letshe, and Nikof. This leaves plenty of room for new names to pop up and solidify their place.

EU FNCS Semi-Finals Standings

MDS Folnet, Evenezy WingS, ssp karmy
Umplify, Adn 7, Matsoe
pinquk, nebs 04, mouz stompy 〆
7torlfg, Siberiajkeе, Fоrce.
Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos
CL Sаfik, Centric Default, СL putriсk
Centric Hottie, elokratz, TRC TRIP 666
Kylnada1x3200, OVA Awaer7, LGBT bubak
aryanly L2R2, Surprise ネ, fsi 64
ssp korol1k, LP Sp1aash, EvozA mムwakha
Wavy TChypSs, FNX Artskill, Homyno XpeR
Skalleknuser2008, Wave Flecken, xKumu
BL Raifla, saevid 保, PW AstroSMZ
CLAIM PSY, claim miknup, NR Zebre
Merstach on inst, TT9 Malibuca, Onyx shizoflow -
lavy egrm ネ, homyno voxe, buzz 愛
bestplayerGhosty, ALOFT Diablo 05, Bayonted 7
Lootboy bagfi, Lootboy Zeston, Lootboy Hijoe ォ

EU FNCS Reboot Round

1. LP Seanvp, zAndy1x, AOS L2R2.
2. CL Rotory 78, VISU 0 PING, ovLDER 運氣.
3. keziix -9-, zq -9-, FALCONLYぁ.
4. TenZeN 米, jaggy -, LP Trixi.

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