Have you found Coastal Columns in Fortnite?

If you are an avid Fortnite player, then you would know the recent challenges in the Battle Royale require players to go to Coastal Columns. The only issue is... Coastal Columns is not an actual location on the map. So where is Coastal Columns in Fortnite? And how does a player find it?

Here is how you can locate Coastal Columns in Fortnite and complete your challenges.

Finding Coastal Columns in Fortnite

Finding Coastal Columns in Fortnite is an easy task. Luckily, locating the ancient spot should be quite simple for those looking to find it. Once you jump off the Battle Bus, aim your sights for west of Pleasant Plaza.

Just along the coastline, you will see a group of small buildings, all formed around massive statues. This is Coastal Columns. Pretty easy to find, right?

While the spot is not an actual location, there will be quite a plethora of players landing at it to try and complete their challenges. This makes it a hot spot. The bad part is the fact that Coastal Columns does not have as much floor loot as other POIs, making it difficult to fight off enemies, especially if you land behind others.

Sometimes, landing at a spot like Pleasant Plaza, where loot is abundant, and then rotating over to Coastal Columns is smart.

Are you ready for Chapter 5, Season 3?

Fortnite's second season to the popular Chapter 5 is already rounding its final corner. The season officially ends around the end of May, making gamers scramble to complete all their weekly challenges.

Whether you have completed the Battle Pass or are just looking to have a fun time roaming the island with friends, what has your favorite part of Chapter 5, Season 2 been?

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