When is the Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 live event? cover image

When is the Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 live event?

When will Fortnite’s next live event happen? Or will there not be one?

Fortnite's most recent season is coming very close to its end. While Chapter 5, Season 1 has been a staple for many within the community, others are excited to finally get some new content. Alongside that, is the rumors of a big live event to close out the season.

But when exactly is Fortnite's Chapter 5, Season 1 live event? And do we know or have any leaks as to what the event will obtain?

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 live event: Official date and time

At the moment, there actually isn't a confirmed date or time that the live event will take place. In fact, there isn't even a confirmed event. While many are expecting a live event to take place to end Chapter 5, Season 1, Fortnite has not actually made any announcement regarding whether or not one is happening.

Still, though, many leakers have already given various hints as to what is to come.

So if there is an event, when could we expect it?

Well, the actual season is set to end on March 8 at 2 am EST. Obviously, Fortnite would not host an event in the middle of the night, meaning we should probably expect an event (if there is one) to take place sometime during the day of March 7.

While this seems to be the most likely hypothesis, the live event could also happen days before, sort of like they did with the black hole from Chapter 1, Season X ending. Or, we could just not get a live event at all.

What will happen in the Chapter 5, Season 1 live event?

As of now, we have no actual confirmation as to what will happen in Fortnite's next live event. Many leakers, though, are highly trusted within the community.

Popular leaker, Hypex, has given quite a bit of information following up to the future live event.

The profile has highlighted the fact that cracks are appearing all over the island from earthquakes, meaning something is being built up too.

Now, while this is a small aspect to theorize from, we do know that the next season is going to be themed after Greek mythology. So what could a bunch of earthquakes mean?

Well, Hypex also posted a video that apparently shows a massive titan hand coming from up inside the ground, and, well... it seemed pretty realistic.

So will the Chapter 5, Season 1 live event have something to do with the massive titan hand emerging from the ground? Seems likely.

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