Fortnite’s newest location, Nitro Drome, has been announced.

If you have been following the leaks and teasers for Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 3, you have probably heard about the Nitro Drome. The new location has been getting some hype on the internet, but many are curious as to what Nitro Drome is.

Here is everything we know about the Nitro Drome in Fortnite.

What is the Nitro Drome in Fortnite?

First leaked a few days ago, Hypex (popular Fortnite leaker) revealed that the Nitro Drome was going to be added to the next season of Fortnite. But what exactly was said about the upcoming POI?

Well, pretty much nothing, other than that the location may replace Fencing Fields.

Which is common, to know very little early on. I mean, it was just a leak. Still, it excited players enough to get them anticipating the new location.

Only a few days later, though, Fortnite released an actual teaser that confirmed the new POI.

Fortnite's teaser for the new POI

On May 20, 2024, Fortnite released a teaser photo for the new location, with the caption saying: "Enter at your own risk."

The photo then shows a picture of the front of the Nitro Drome, with the sillouette of a new skin that could possibly be a battle pass skin. So what exactly does the new location entail?

Well, we know that Fortnite is planning on the next season being a collaboration with Mad Max and Monster Truck. It would be safe to assume that the Nitro Drome is a mix of the two.

With a giant creature on the front of its sign, spouting flames, it is safe to assume the Nitro Drome is some type of massive arena (which makes perfect sense with Monster Trucks being added to the game).

While this is all we know as of now about the upcoming POI, make sure to stay tuned to for more Fortnite and esports news.