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What does disembark mean in Fortnite?

This guide explains how the word disembark relates to a Fortnite challenge.

A relatively new challenge has emerged in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, tasking players with disembarking after eliminating an opponent. This Quest is one of the more difficult ones in recent memory, especially for those trying to complete it in Battle Royale or Zero Build. Today, this guide answers the question, “What does disembark mean in Fortnite?” and provides helpful tips.

What does disembark mean in Fortnite?

The word disembark in the related Quest references a player landing on the train that travels around the Chapter 5 Season 1 map. Disembark and exit are the same thing, so you can only complete the challenge by landing on the train, eliminating an opponent, and exiting the train.

How to complete the Chapter 5 Season 1 Train Quest

The Quest can be challenging, but it is much easier if you queue into Team Rumble instead of Battle Royale or Zero Build. Many players looking to complete the disembark challenge in Fortnite have found Team Rumble the best option since you respawn and can continuously land on the train.

It took the Esports.gg team just two attempts to finish this Quest, and here is how we did it:

  1. Queue into the Team Rumble game mode.
  2. Locate the traveling train on your map.
  1. Land at the back and search quickly for a weapon to attack your opponents.
  1. Use angles to provide yourself cover.
  2. Look for the perfect opportunity to attack and eliminate your opponent.
  1. Once you’ve done this successfully, jump off the train to complete the challenge.

It may take a few attempts because the situation can be random. You will never know how many enemies will be on the train and if there’s enough time to grab a weapon and eliminate them.

Either way, keep trying, and eventually, you will complete the disembark Fortnite challenge and earn 30,000 XP.

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