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Top 5 greatest Fortnite limited-time modes of all time

Here is our top five for the greatest Fortnite limited-time game modes. What do you think?

When playing a popular Battle Royale such as Fortnite, there is more to it than just regular public matches and competitive arena games. Fortnite is known for also integrating fun limited-time modes (LTMs) into their playlists.

These limited-time modes were meant for not just the competitive demographic, but everyone looking for a fun and unique way to play the game.

Here are our top five best Fortnite limited-time modes of all time.

5. 50v50

You cannot discuss limited-time game modes within Fortnite without mentioning the father of all limited-time game modes, the 50v50. This game mode pitted half the lobby against the other half. Players would either be on a red or blue team, as the map would be divided between the two.

50v50 will go down in history as one of the most popular limited-time modes in Fortnite.

4. Solid Gold

Fortnite Solid Gold
Fortnite Solid Gold

Introduced during Chapter 1, the Solid Gold game mode won the hearts of quite a few Fortnite fanatics. The game mode littered the island with only legendary loot, also known as gold loot. In a normal Fortnite match, players could go a whole game without seeing some of these items.

This provided players with an opportunity to play with the best weapons the game had to offer. Solid Gold still finds itself in Fortnite playlists here and there today and will continue to because of its exciting feature.

3. Team Rumble

Fortnite Team Rumble
Fortnite Team Rumble

It would disrespectful if we did not include Team Rumble as one of our top five. This game mode has taken hold as one of the most popular limited-time game modes Fortnite has ever developed.

Team Rumble found its way into the game early on, and has stuck as one of the more prominent game modes. This mode pits teams of 16 against each other, and the first team to a specific amount of eliminations wins.

People especially loved this mode because of the spawning feature. Players who were eliminated would immediately respawn back into the game to keep fighting.

2. Sniper Shootout

Fortnite Sniper Shootout
Fortnite Sniper Shootout

Zero gravity, limited builds, and nothing but aim; this game mode quickly pitted the best sniper shooters against each other. With a map filled only with sniper loot, competitors had to make sure they could rely on their shots.

When played in a team mode, once you were eliminated you could not be revived. This made the game tough because most weapons would eliminate you with one shot. You had to be on your A-game when it came to playing Sniper Shootout.

1. Floor is Lava

Coming down to our number one pick for our top five limited-time modes within Fortnite is Floor is Lava. This game mode kept players on their feet as the lava slowly drowned in a pit of lava. As the game passed, players would have to move inward on the island to avoid taking damage.

Instead of a traditional zone seen in Fortnite, the lava made it so players would only have a few options to stand on for safety. This mode made building ever more relevant than before, as that was the only way to keep yourself safe from the fiery pits below.

What is your favorite mode?

While these may be our pick for the top five, there are still quite a few other great limited-time modes that have been introduced in Fortnite. Which is your favorite Fortnite limited-time mode?