Ever wonder what a Fortnite Snowball Launcher would look like in real life?

Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular games. Since 2017, billions have powered on their respective devices to see the world-renowned Battle Royale in all its glory. The game has even influenced real life, with fully functioning Nerf guns modeled after Fortnite’s unique arsenal.

However, those are mere toys compared to the fully functioning Snowball Launcher showcased by Hacksmith Industries on YouTube. This takes Fortnite guns in real life to another level.

The most realistic Fortnite weapon ever brought to life

Hacksmith Industries is a popular YouTube channel boasting more than 13 million subscribers. Their unique content brand features concepts from movies, video games, and more as real-life prototypes.

The channel’s most recent video, dubbed “World’s Most POWERFUL SNOWBALL LAUNCHER,” gives viewers a look at the winter variant of Fortnite’s Grenade Launcher. This weapon often appears during the game’s winter-themed events. Not every day do you get to see Fortnite guns in real life.

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

While the team appreciated Fortnite’s version, they felt it could be done more efficiently. Using a CO2 tank, lots of metal, and a 3D printer, Hacksmith Industries brought the fictional weapon to life.

Testing the Fortnite Snowball Launcher

Image via Hacksmith Industries
Image via Hacksmith Industries

After designing and assembling the weapon, it was time to test the impressive creation. The team chose not to use real snow, instead creating a frozen concoction to inflict real damage.

Hacksmith Industries’ result was fantastic. The Launcher lived up to Fortnite’s in-game rendition from an aesthetic standpoint. It also shot makeshift snowballs and even a carrot at high speeds toward various objects. One of those shots broke through a pane of tempered glass and a wooden door.

Image via Hacksmith Industries
Image via Hacksmith Industries

Hopefully, Hacksmith Industries will construct more Fortnite guns in real life because the Snowball Launcher is legendary. Fortnite has many other weapons that deserve a physical representation.

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