This streamer has been live on Twitch doing a Fortnite challenge for 114 days cover image

This streamer has been live on Twitch doing a Fortnite challenge for 114 days


Think you could stay live on Twitch for more than 100 consecutive days? One streamer is doing just that, and he is still live.

Uncapped subathons and insane gaming challenges are not new to the world of gaming and Twitch, but recently, a Fortnite streamer has decided to take gaming challenges to the next level.
iGamer4tv has currently been broadcasting live for 114 days. For his stream to end, he has to reach 1,271 eliminations in Fortnite.
But... there is a catch.

iGamer4tv cannot end his stream until he finishes his Fortnite challenge... except chat can prevent him from reaching his goal

1,271 eliminations definitely is not an easy feat, but also not a goal that should take 114 days, right? Well, the streamer iGamer4tv decided to spice things up a bit, making it so his Twitch chat can prevent him from reaching the elimination count.
The way his chat does this is simply by gifting bits. Every 100 bits removes two eliminations from his counter. The streamer currently has 803,102 bits, which accumulates to around $8,000 USD.
LIVE screenshot from iGamer4tv's stream
LIVE screenshot from iGamer4tv's stream
Do not worry though, he still sleeps on stream. The bad part about this is people can still gift while he is asleep. So sometimes he will wake up to all of his eliminations being removed from his counter.
He also has gifting incentives for when he sleeps, so people can gift bits for loud sounds to play, which wake him up.
From almost hitting his goal to dropping all the way down to only a few eliminations, iGamer4tv may be live for another 114 days before he actually finishes his quest.

Could you complete this challenge?

It seems like streamers are getting more and more creative with their gaming challenges every day, but does streaming for 114 consecutive days without stopping sound like something you could do?
Streamers are changing the world when it comes to entertainment, and we should expect the future to become even more innovative. Let's just hope that iGamer4tv can complete his challenge soon.
Please keep your health in check before attempting to complete any challenges such as this one.
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