The Rock visits ex-Fortnite pro’s stream for Black Adam premiere cover image

The Rock visits ex-Fortnite pro’s stream for Black Adam premiere

FaZe creators NateHill and Mongraal joined the UK premiere of Black Adam in a stream that featured the Fortnite outfit and The Rock.

In case you missed it, DC Comics character Black Adam is coming to Fortnite on October 20. The Rock confirmed the exciting news last week. Then, Fortnite confirmed the announcement via its social media accounts. Ahead of Black Adam officially joining the game, FaZe Clan members Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson and Nate Hill attended the UK premiere of the new movie. During the stream, Mongraal and NateHill spoke with many of the film’s stars, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

FaZe Clan hits the red carpet for UK Black Adam premiere

Thanks to Warner Brothers, the two Twitch streamers went live today from the red carpet premiere in the United Kingdom. Previously, Nate Hill and Mongraal showcased the Fortnite x Dune collaboration from the UK premiere of the latest Dune movie. Both FaZe Clan members returned in a dual stream, where they had the opportunity to display the Black Adam Fortnite outfit.

Furthermore, Mongraal and NateHill welcomed several movie stars to the stream for a brief interview. Among the actors and actresses were Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, and Quintessa Swindell, respectively portraying Hawkman, Atom Smasher, Isis, and Cyclone. However, the main event was none other than Black Adam himself – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – who joined the stream and gave his raw reaction to the Fortnite skin.

“Holy Sh*t” – The Rock reacts to Fortnite outfit

Toward the end of the stream, Mongraal and NateHill welcomed The Rock, who appeared blown away by the Black Adam Fortnite skin. He said it was the first time he saw the outfit in action. Then, he and NateHill discussed a tattoo artist the two share before The Rock explained the Black Adam character.

“He is the disruptor of the DC Universe. This project has been with me for 15 long years, man, of fighting and pushing for this one. Because I’ve always felt like if we make the movie right, there’s a lot of people around the world who could see themselves in Black Adam. He [Black Adam] is blessed with the powers of Superman, but the difference is obviously Superman, because of his superhero code of ethics, he doesn’t kill the bad guys. Black Adam will shut your lights out and literally rip you in half.”

The Rock discussing Black Adam

The Rock exited the stream after taking a picture with the two FaZe Clan members. It was a brief interaction but undoubtedly an exciting clash of worlds – gaming and film at the highest level. Johnson appeared cordial and excited to see another iteration of himself in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

The Black Adam bundle arrives in Fortnite on October 20 at 8 PM EST. Be sure to check out the cosmetic items in-game. Lastly, Black Adam hits theaters worldwide one day later on October 21.

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