Sway returns to FaZe Clan with insane video cover image

Sway returns to FaZe Clan with insane video

FaZe Clan welcomed back Fortnite creator Sway today with an impressive video, building him into the “perfect gamer.”

Popular Fortnite creator Sway announced his return to FaZe Clan following an unexpected just a few days ago. Sway drew some attention after presumably leaving FaZe Clan and blacking out his Twitter account. This news confused the creator's thousands of fans worldwide. However, soon after leaving, Sway is back with FaZe Clan, where he began. The Fortnite legend’s “relaunch” will included a movie-esque trailer, new merch, and community tournaments coming soon. 

Sway rejoins FaZe Clan in stunning fashion

The 18-year-old content creator took to Twitter with the announcement. Two days after tweeting “I’m done” and “Left @FaZeClan,” Sway revealed that he is once again a member of FaZe Clan. Furthermore, he shared a fascinating trailer to honor the occasion, which you can watch above. 

Sway appears in the video under an operation to create the “perfect gamer.” After some clever Ghost supplement product placement, the Fortnite creator emerges and flexes his ability with a controller. Then, the trailer flashed Sway Series II—an upcoming Fortnite competition.

Despite being only 18, Sway is an established personality in the Fortnite scene. Most recognize him for his Fortnite videos and impressive mechanics in the game. However, Sway also dabbled in Call of Duty content for quite some time before his exponential growth. 

Sway now possesses nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube, over 800,000 Twitch followers, and 1.5 million Twitter followers. Additionally, he gained more recognition as a member of FaZe Clan—the famous esports organization he joined back in 2019. Now, after a brief departure from FaZe, he has reinvented himself. 

FaZe Clan promised more information regarding Sway’s upcoming Fortnite tournament and new merchandise soon. We’ll have to see what more he offers after announcing his return to the place he’s called home for three years. 

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