Streamer Bowl 2023 results: Tfue & Kurt Benkert take first place cover image

Streamer Bowl 2023 results: Tfue & Kurt Benkert take first place

Ahead of the big game on Sunday, Twitch streamers took the stage for the Streamer Bowl 2023 with $250K in prize money to charity on the line.

The Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl 2023 featuring Fortnite has ended. In the fourth rendition of the event, 15 duos consisting of a Twitch streamer and a professional NFL player competed for $250K in prize money for the charity of their choice. The field featured everyone from Warzone creators to variety streamers and much more. 

Unlike previous iterations, Streamer Bowl 2023 offered a much different format. Instead of the traditional Fortnite Battle Royale, teams participated in a custom "King of the Hill" game. The goal was simple; earn as many points as possible by the end of four matches. Here's how it all went down.

Tfue & Kurt Benkert claim the Streamer Bowl 2023 Championship

Tfue and NFL quarterback Kurt Benkert were instant favorites when the field was revealed. The former has been playing Fortnite since day one, and Kurt Benkert is a gamer through and through. 

Despite competing against formidable opponents, Tfue and Kurt Benkert delivered 7,221 points in the Zero Build King of the Hill format. That score comfortably placed them nearly 1,000 ahead of the second place. Team Tfue also won two of the four games, adding to their total prize winnings. 

Fortnite Icon Series member SypherPK found himself and teammate Leighton Vander Esch of the Dallas Cowboys in second after four games. This duo also won a match and pledged $43,250 to Doctors Without Borders.  

Here is the complete Streamer Bowl 2023 leaderboard:

  • 1st: Tfue / Kurt Benkert — $81,500
  • 2nd: SypherPK / Leighton Vander Esch — $43,250
  • 3rd: pgod / Marquise "Hollywood" Brown — $28,500 
  • 4th: HusKerrs / Christian Watson — $15,000 
  • 5th: NateHill / Sterling Shepard — $10,000
  • 6th: Zemie / Brian Burns — $10,000 
  • 7th: LuckyChamu / Austin Ekeler — $8,000
  • 8th: DiazBiffle / Jarrett Stidham — $8,000 
  • 9th: Carreraaa / Amon-Ra St. Brown — $8,000 
  • 10th: ElZeein / Kyle Hamilton — $6,000 
  • 11th: xQc / Leonard Fournette — $6,000 
  • 12th: Nadia / AJ Dillon — $6,000 
  • 13th: Alexandra Botez / Anthony Barr — $5,000
  • 14th: Andrea Botez / Nick Chubb — $5,000
  • 15th: NiceWigg / Kenyan Drake — $5,000
  • 16th: LuLuLuvely / Brian Robinson Jr. — $5,000

Best moments: The walkouts stole the show

Leonard Fournette and xQc enter

The team of xQc and Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette is an unlikely combination. In any case, the two walked out looking confident ahead of Streamer Bowl 2023. The two even coordinated a nifty handshake before taking their seats. 

The (eventual) Champs are here 

Tfue and Kurt Benkert stole the show even before dominating the competition. During their walkout, Tfue jumped into Benkert's arms in some sort of ice figure skating maneuver. The two laughed before having the final laugh in first place on the leaderboard. 

A confetti shower for the Streamer Bowl 2023 Champs

As Streamer Bowl Champions Tfue and Kurt Benkert hoisted the trophy, casters MonsterDface and Tocata blessed them with a confetti shower. It was the crowning moment following an intense competition with Tfue and Kurt Benkert walking away with $81,500 to their charity. 

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