Spotify offers Eminem fans a Fortnite x Eminem vinyl record cover image

Spotify offers Eminem fans a Fortnite x Eminem vinyl record

Eminem is not done collaborating with Fortnite just yet.

Fortnite's collaboration with the popular rapper, Eminem, did not end with the large live event held at the beginning of December. For fans who were in the top percentage of the rapper's listeners on Spotify, an exclusive Fortnite x Eminem vinyl record is within their reach.

The record is extremely limited and is only available to those who gained the title of a top listener of Eminem this year on Spotify.

Fortnite x Eminem vinyl to go on sale exclusively to top Spotify listeners

The vinyl itself is called "Eminem Fortnite Radio" and features 10 iconic hits. And yes, each song will be the CLEAN version.

Eminem Fortnite Radio Tracklist:

  1. Berzerk
  2. Godzilla
  3. Higher
  4. Lighters
  5. Not Afraid
  6. Phenomenal
  7. Survival
  8. The Monster
  9. Venom
  10. Lucky You

The artwork on the vinyl sleeve features all three Eminem Fortnite skins that were also available in the Item Shop during the Big Bang Event, where Eminem was featured.

The actual vinyl is a gold color, making it quite the unique pressing.

Those who are given the chance to purchase this vinyl were given a message on Spotify from Eminem that said "At the crib playing Fortnite with your grandma...", paying homage to his lyric in his song Tone Deaf.

Can you buy the vinyl if you aren't a top listener on Spotify?

Unfortunately, fans that were not a top listener on Spotify will not be able to purchase the Eminem Fortnite Radio vinyl record. The only way to purchase this vinyl outside of being a top listener is by getting it from a third party who decides to resell it. Beware, though, scalpers will hike the price of this record up to astronomical prices due to its rarity.

Hopefully, in the future, Fortnite will decide to do unique collaborations like this with other artists.

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