Sommerset has officially been banned from Fortnite only hours before FNCS begins.

The popular Fortnite streamer and content creator was banned from the game just hours before FNCS for "teaming". While she claims to be falsely accused, no details as to whether or not the accusation is true have been uncovered.

Sommerset announced her ban via Twitter this afternoon but was also live during the moment she received the notice from Fortnite.

"I stream everything I do when it comes to playing; Tournies and all", said Sommerset on Twitter.

The recent ban happened while she was playing creative with mutuals, sparking the debate on whether or not this 14-day ban was deserved or not.

Fans take to Twitter to share their thoughts on Sommerset's ban in Fortnite

Sommerset was not the only person to express her loss for words regarding her ban. With the next round of FNCS only hours away, many other fans and players shared their thoughts via Twitter.

Many are wondering whether or not Sommerset was actually guilty when being accused of "teaming up with a competitor".

At the moment, the streamer is still live on Twitch, waiting on word from Epic whether or not her ban will be lifted before FNCS starts at 6 p.m. EST.

The question arises: "Will Sommerset be eligible to participate in future events this season?"

Many are now wondering whether or not the streamer will be able to participate in upcoming events this season; whether that be Solo Cash Cups, FNCS and more.

While the ban is only 14 days, the last week of FNCS qualifiers starts tonight. Sommerset would also be missing out on "Surge Week" an extra round of FNCS which players can fight one last time for a chance at qualifying.

The only thing she and other fans can do now is wait for word from Epic Games to find out whether the ban was legit or an accident.

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