Everything you need to know about the new Shadow Floppers, including movement, strategies, tips, and tricks.

Fortnite Season 8 brought back the Shadow Rocks. Additionally, the game introduced a new fish called the Shadow Flopper. Many people used the Shadow Floppers to place highly in Solo Cash Cups. This guide will break down the different ways to use the items and the best end games strategies.

What are Shadow Floppers and how to find them

The Shadow Flopper is a new fish that can be found in fishing holes. Players can use Fishing Rods, Pro Fishing Rods, or Harpoons to fish the spots. Shadow Floppers are held in your inventory as a consumable item.

The item takes one second to consume and lasts 60 seconds. After consuming the item, players transform into a shadow form. You move slightly faster and have the ability to phase. The only options in the shadow form are to phase or exit the mode. Phase is activated by the left trigger or right mouse button. You can exit the shadow form by holding the right trigger or the left mouse button.

The phasing ability allows players to move through walls. Anything that can be broken with a pickaxe, can be phased through.

WARNING: You have no offense or defense while in the shadow form. You are left exposed and cannot shoot or build until you exit.

Shadow Flopper tips and tricks

First, Shadow Floppers provide the same exact ability as the Shadow Rocks or Cubes located around the map. You can use these same tricks with both the Shadow Floppers or Rocks. Now, let's get to the tricks.

  1. Shadow + Slipstreams

The combination of Shadow Form with the Slipstreams gives players additional movement. It makes sense. You combine two different types of movement and the result is increased mobility. In addition to flying further, players also received a glider after exiting Shadow Form. This allows players to travel distances of 400+ meters with the combination.

2. Shadow + Crash Launch Pad

Outside of Slipstreams, the Crash Sites introduces another type of mobility, the Crash Launch Pad. The new launch pads are stagnant on the map and cannot pick picked up. Players use this mobility by running up to it and jumping. The pad sends players flying into the air. When a player combines the Crash Launch Pad with Shadow Form, the mobility increases significantly. You can fly halfway across the map with the two items.

3. Shadow Floppers + Launch Pad

Lastly, the Shadow Form boosts the power of Launch Pads. The mix sends players flying in any direction. Most players choose to use the combination to go straight up and sit in the sky, but there are other options. The Shadow Form can be used with any variation of a Launch Pad (low pads, straight drops, directional).

How to use Shadow Floppers in Solo Cash Cup

Now, you may have seen a few players outperform expectations during Solo Cash Cups. This can be attributed to using Shadow Floppers and Launch Pads. A few players identified this strategy before everyone else. The most notable is @MamyFN who placed 2nd in the EU Solo Cash Cup with 100+ ping. This had never been done before. MrSavage also finished in 4th place while over 140 ping. These two performances left the competitive Fortnite player wondering, what is the strategy?

Here is the explanation:

  1. Land at a location that includes multiple fishing holes.
  2. Fish the fishing holes and acquire Shadow Floppers and Floppers.
  3. Farm materials and search for launch pads.
  4. Hide or play passively during the mid game.
  5. Make it to 6th zone and eat a Shadow Flopper.
  6. Hit a launch pad right after consuming.
  7. Go as high as possible and look straight then continuously phase until the Shadow runs out.
  8. Pull your glider and hang in the air.
  9. Gain a ton of placement points and find a place to eventually land.
  10. Repeat.

That is how you do it! The strategy requires little mechanical skill to properly execute. The most difficult part is reaching the end game. If you can make end game, this guarantees easy placement points. A single Shadow Flopper allows a player to bypass at least 1.5 moving zones. The Shadow lasts for 60 seconds and then you pull your glide and hang for at least 30 seconds.

The strategy is super easy and a fun way to achieve your best placements. Good luck! Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Fortnite news and updates.

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