The Razer Invitational Fortnite Finals ended with an incredible performance by Team Highground this weekend. We round up the NA action, share the winners and our favorite clips from the action.

The Fortnite Finals for the Razer Invitational NA Series took place this weekend, and we were there to witness the action. The Top teams went home with tons of Razer gear ranging from Razer Iskur Gaming Chairs to Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboards, and much more! You can find more information and the leaderboard here.

Razer Invitational shines the spotlight on new faces in Fortnite

Team Highground won the opening Razer Invitational Series. Ultimately, the trio narrowly edged out Team GOATS for the win. Team Highground consisted of two up-and-coming players along with a Fortnite veteran. The newer members on the trio are “FS Dukez” and “Visxals” with the veteran, “DeRoller,” rounding out the trio. From the beginning, they started off strong with a Victory Royale in the first match of Day 2. Their early lead never faltered as a Dukez, Visxals, and DeRoller went on to win the whole tournament.

Team Highground won the Razer Invitational featuring Fortnite.

Razer sent the top trio home with $6000 in cash prizes along with a stash of Razer gear. Everyone in the top three received cash prizes plus Razer gear. Additionally, all teams down to 10th won a Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse. Several top professional Fortnite players use the mouse, including EpikWhale and Endretta.

Razer Invitational NA Top 3 Prizing:

1st Place

$6000 USD with Razer products!
○ Razer Iskur Gaming Chairs
○ Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboards
○ Razer BlackShark V2 Headsets
○ Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mice
○ Razer Gigantus V2 Mouse Mats
○ Partner product

2nd Place

$3000 USD with Razer products!
○ Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboards
○ Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mice

3rd Place

$1000 USD with Razer products!
○ Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Keyboards
○ Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mice

4th-10th place finishers were also rewarded with Razer hardware for their efforts.

McDonald’s MVP of the Day – Visxals

In addition to the prizes, Razer highlighted players after every match and at the conclusion of the tournament. The winning trio also boasted the McDonald’s MVP of the Day in Visxals. He excelled throughout the tournament and stood out during the second day of play.

Visxals receives the McDonald’s MVP of the Day award.

Visxals shared that he was proud of the performance from his trio. They do not play together regularly, but came together for the Razer Invitational. Not only did the trio play well, but they had a great time while playing. Amazing work throughout the tournament by Razer to put the players at the forefront.

For newer players, opportunities like the one provided by Razer create growth. Visxals stood out in front of thousands of viewers. He interviewed with the hosts afterward and now looks to pursue additional success in Fortnite. He looks forward to competing in all upcoming tournaments.’s MonsterDFace also got in on the Razer Invitational action, hosting a Watch Party live on his stream.

Missed the tournament or want to participate?

The Razer Invitational NA tournament began the series. Four more regions around the world have a chance to participate in eight different games. Players in ME, LATAM, EU, and SEA will have an opportunity to win cash prizes along with a bundle of Razer gear. More information about the upcoming Razer Invitational Series can be found here.

If you are looking to rewatch the action from this past weekend, the full VOD is available on Razer’s Twitch channel. Make sure to stay tuned and follow Razer on all social media platforms for additional information about giveaways, gear, and events!

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