Benjyfishy announced he is leaving Fortnite. Here is how others players have reacted to the news of one of their own moving on.

The Fortnite world was shook the day competitive player BenjyFishy announced he was officially leaving the game to pursue a career in VALORANT. Competitive players and fans within the community were heartbroken. Many Fortnite pros had strong reactions to their fellow brother leaving the game.

Whether you are a Fortnite fan or not, these reactions will still leave you saddened due to the heavy impact Benjy had within the gaming community.

Clix pays his respects to Benjyfishy leaving Fortnite

Indisputably, when talking about Fortnite competitively, one name that everyone knows is Clix. Clix has been around for quite a long time and has shared his moments with Benjyfishy.


The two competitive gamers and content creators have shared the same team, NRG, for quite some time now. Being part of this organization, both Clix and Benjy have spent countless times on the game together or even in person.

Clix, who is still a competitive Fortnite player for NRG, posted a video today paying his respects to Benjyfishy saying he was "gonna miss making these memories with you".

The video, as seen above, features moments in the past between Benjy and Clix, highlighting the friendship the two shared because of the game, Fortnite.

Words from Benjy's former duo, Mr. Savage

Throughout the past competitive Fortnite seasons, BenjyFishy has shared the stage with his former duo, Mr. Savage. The two, being European pros, have shared the spotlight together for a bit now. Mr. Savage had a few words to say about Benjy's departure from the game.

Mr. Savage
Mr. Savage

"Thank you so much for everything, sad to see you leaving Fortnite, but happy for everything we accomplished together," Mr.Savage said on Twitter, in light of Benjy's announcement. "I know you're gonna do good in VALORANT. Love you, bro, always."

The camaraderie between the two has been a staple within competitive Fortnite. Their unique playstyles and fun chemistry always made it enjoyable for viewers.

Even people outside of Fortnite paid homage to Benjy's departure

Keemstar, a popular figure within the gaming community, made sure to even bring light to Benjy's announcement.

"Thank You Benjyfishy for all the hard work & entertainment you brought to the Fortnite Community. Good luck in Valorant!" said Keemstar on Twitter.

The impact Benjy had on the gaming community as a whole will never go unnoticed. The player was a mentor and leader towards fellow gamers aspiring to make it as a competitive gamers.

Even European pro, Mongraal, had to say something.

No one will ever forget the hard work and passion that Benjy brought into the world of esports. Benjy, you will be missed. We hope the best for you in the world of VALORANT.

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