Nick Eh 30 teams up with BoomTV to host a $20,000 tournament. Read about it below.

Nick Eh 30 teamed up with BoomTV this Tuesday, July 26, to host a $20,000 Fortnite invitational tournament. 50 duos dropped onto the island, with popular gamers ranging from Nickmercs to Tfue.

Here are the highlights of Nick Eh 30 and BoomTV’s $20,000 Fortnite invitational.

$20,000 was on the line! Nick Eh 30 chose the best creators to compete for it.

With such a large prize pool, Nick Eh 30 chose the best of the best to participate in this tournament. With his duo being a pro-competitive Fortnite player, Nick was ready to rock in today’s tournament.

Nick Eh 30 and Moo

With the top eight teams making money, everyone had to be on their A-game. This being a Zero Build tournament, and having some aim legends like Nickmercs on board, everyone had to make sure they were playing at their very best.

Pro Fortnite players such as Deyy, Cented, Npen, Punisher, and more competed alongside other creators.

The creator side of the tournament was strong too. Nate Hill, ItsJerian, and more showed off the Fortnite skills they’ve pertained alongside their content.

Nate Hill’s 500 IQ Boogie Bomb Play

The fighting did not stop there. Teams battled it out for the entirety of six games, with the best of the best players making money.

The leaderboards are updated. Here are your winners!

With the event bringing quite a few people to the stage, and thousands of fans watching, the stakes were higher than ever. BoomTV put on a broadcast hosted by casting legends SanchoWest and Lash, that brought in quite a bit of excited and enthusiastic viewers.

At the end of the day, only one team could come in first place. After a hard-fought tournament, the final and official victory royale went out to Rodeybro and Cizlucky.


Both Rodey and Ciz are competitive Fortnite players, existing in the realm of the regular build mode. To win a tournament that is only Zero Builds is quite impressive.

The final leaderboard can be seen here.

PlacementTeam NameGame 1Game 2Game 3
1rodeybros4kills | 48th place59 kills | 1st place38 kills | 6th place
2zemie46 kills | 4th place27 kills | 7th place20 kills | 16th place
3xset ceice42 kills | 2nd place34 kills | 3rd place15 kills | 11th place
4nrg deyy7 kills | 23rd place38 kills | 5th place25 kills | 15th place
5Hippie Habitat27 kills | 11th place23 kills | 9th place36 kills | 3rd place
6ghost Assault2 kills | 30th place18 kills | 12th place55 kills | 1st place
7prospering28 kills | 10th place2 kills | 28th place16 kills | 10th place
8itsJerian5 kills | 21st place24 kills | 24th place34 kills | 7th place
9nate Hill18 kills | 14th place16 kills | 14th place6 kills | 26th place
10bends23 kills | 9th place7 kills | 23rd place7 kills | 21st place

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