Popular streamer Nick Eh 30 plans to host a $5,000 invitational collegiate tournament with eFuse.

With esports on the rise, it is no surprise to see collegiate tournaments spreading throughout the scene. Popular Twitch streamer, Nick Eh 30, has announced his official collegiate Fortnite tournament with eFuse.

Here is everything you need to know about Nick Eh 30's Fortnite collegiate tournament.

Nick Eh 30 takes on the Fortnite collegiate level with his very own tournament!

Taking place on June 16 at 3 p.m. EST, 100 invited players from the Fortnite CCA Collegiate Cup Division 1 Finals will have the chance to duke it out for a $5,000 prize pool. The tournament will stream on Nick's personal Twitch page, which has almost 4 million followers.

Nick Eh 30 himself has announced that he plans to cast this entire tournament. In fact, he will not be alone. As he announced in his video, the production will also consist of a few other popular Fortnite casters.

The tournament is set to be held as a "Fortnite: Zero Build" series, with the chosen team mode being "duos".

With a $5,000 prize pool, players will have a chance to compete against each other and show their skill, in hopes to walk away with some cash. An additional $200 bonus will be given to the winning team of each game.

About eFuse and its impact within the Collegiate Fortnite community

As gaming takes over, eFuse has been an organization that has helped make sure the industry rises to the top. The company has set itself up in hopes to help players succeed. Its rise within the collegiate world has created various opportunities for gamers across the world.

The company not only hosts collegiate-level tournaments across its platform, but it also has many tools on its website to help gamers grow in their careers. As the company teams up with Nick Eh 30, this only leaves us wondering, "Who will they collaborate with next?", for their future tournaments.