Blake, Scoped, and Okis dominate NAE FNCS Semi-Finals. While Wrigley and MackWood both win a match in the Reboot Round.

The clear standout trio from NAE FNCS Semi-Finals is Blake, Scoped, and Okis. They dropped the most points of any team during Heats. Right behind them, Cazz qualified for his 10th FNCS Grand Finals, the only one to do so in NAE. Then a few new contenders delivered during the Reboot Rounds. Overall, the weekend provided the top-tier competitive Fortnite that fans love to watch!

Blake, Scoped, and Okis eliminate more players in one match than most trios in their Heat

Words cannot describe what "Ghost Blake," Arnel "TNG Okis" Avdagic, and "Liquid Scoped" did during NAE FNCS Semi-Finals. The trio played out of their minds. They won their Heat by 78 points. Not only were the points impressive, but the way this trio capped off the victory left everyone in awe.

Heading into the final match of the Heat, Blake, Scoped, and Okis had already secured the qualification. They had nothing more to play for, but clearly wanted to make a statement. With the nerves gone, this trio destroyed everyone in the lobby. Normally, 10+ eliminations in Semi-Finals would be a lot. Blake, Scoped, and Okis dropped 27 eliminations in the final match! These three were unstoppable and looked like they were playing with their opponents. It truly was impressive.

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Cazz reaches his NAE record-high 10th FNCS Grand Finals

Most competitive Fortnite fans forget about "Moon Cazz." He is one of the under-the-radar players that just consistently performs, regardless of game mode. Cazz continued to play with the same trio, Nick "SEN Aspect" McGuire and "OA Whofishy," that went to the Season 6 FNCS Grand Finals.

In Season 7, the trio returned to NAE FNCS Semi-Finals. The trio started off slow, but took off on the back half of their Heat. If Scoped, Blake, and Okis had not been in their Heat, Cazz, Aspect, and Whofishy would have shone. Either way, Cazz, Aspect, and Whofishy qualified for FNCS Grand Finals. This trio looks to outperform expectations. Right now, they sit in the middle of the pack, but could easily find themselves in the Top 10 with a string of great games.

Wrigley delivers the clutch of the season as he wins the NAE Reboot Round

The Reboot Round is known for delivering incredible moments. This time, the moment comes from "Flu Wrigley." Wrigley was left alone after his teammates, "Flu Kburbs" and "eRa Dictating," fell early in the match. Wrigley managed to escape the pressure from opponents and narrowly stay alive while eating cabbages. He then chain together a couple of Chug Cannons and launch padded straight onto the high ground.

Wrigley made quick work of the enemies up on height. Although he was weak, Wrigley continued forward, knowing that he must win the match. After securing the high ground, Wrigley looked to claim more space. He jumped down to find the remaining opponents. He gave up the elevated position, but that did not matter. Wrigley took the final 1v1 with a few builds left. His aim was true. The shots connected and he won the match. The moment is best enjoyed with the reactions from his teammates.

MackWood wins the most memorable heal off in Reboot Round history

Not even win is equal. The win by Mack "G2 MackWood" Aesoph, Alan "Tragix" Nguyen, and "Xtra Illest" was something special. Talentwise, this trio should have already qualified. In fact, they had been close a number of times, but became caught up in spawn fights. Nothing seemed to go their way during the Reboot Round, until the final match.

With one last chance to advance to the NAE FNCS Grand Finals, MackWood, Illest, and Tragix dug deep. They made a bold move to attack a team with pre-edits during the 2nd moving zone. The move was incredibly risky, but it gave them the materials to win the match. Both MackWood and Tragix commented on Twitter that they needed the refresh to win the game. Following the game, MackWood shared how the play happened "won us the game but that was all @tragix_ call I can't cap." He credited Tragix for making the call that ultimately secured the victory.

That play put in motion the pieces for the victory, but there was still more to be done. The heal-off must be executed perfectly to outlast everyone. For this trio, MackWood held the pressure of the heal-off. He combined a medkit with floppers, cabbage, corn, and a Chug Cannon to survive for almost a minute in the storm. It was the longest heal-off in recent history and undoubtedly the longest of the Reboot Rounds today. The Victory Royale secured the trio their spot in the FNCS Grand Finals.

NAE FNCS Semi-Finals Standings

TNG Okis., Ghоst Blаke, Liquid Scopеd
TNG Pgod 十, TNG Peterbot, TNG Tkay
FS Dukame, DL Justice, twitter userzfn
SEN Aspect., Moon Cazz, OA Whofishy
33 PaMstou, Athletix wCarey, FatchyFishy
Visxals, LG Jonathan., C9 Fryst様
4LK Moo, Vanish TYQZU, FLu Kwanti
XSET Knight, XSET Shark, clarityG
TNG DXRANT, K2G SQUISH, Magnolia9966
DeRoller., K2G Speguu, K2G charlie
elite gаbe, twitter tahifn, twitter spritefn
Trаshу, TSM FTX Co1azo, lazarp
Crumblerr, KNG Nexybot, K2G Larson
FS Bully iwnl, Fs elsa, BankTeller.
Voil-, Xcсept, xsnakeeze
TabzG, noob teyo, ELITE PLEGE 21V
Chronic Jayѕ, K2G Kn1phishy, Donieenada
FаZe Bizzle, TNG Eclipsae, coop 1111

NAE FNCS Reboot Round Winners

1 FLu Wrigley, FLU KBURBS 父, eRa Dictating
2 Bezerkrr, ВRUТAL, glepo FR
3 TNA SLICKΜON, TNG Sharkman, Gоku 8
4 XTRA Illest, G2 MackWood, TRAGIX相信.

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