NA West lost its Fortnite broadcast… How this man saved it cover image

NA West lost its Fortnite broadcast… How this man saved it

“When I heard the NA West was no longer going to be broadcasted, I was gutted,” said Panda. “The community that welcomed me in just lost their main avenue to get recognized.”

For the past few years, Fortnite has been a staple within the esports community. Their large tournaments complimented by large prize pools have brought viewers and players alike into their realm. Throughout the years, Fortnite has featured its own broadcast for the Fortnite Champion Series, covering the Europe, NA East, and NA West regions.

Fortnite Champion Series
Fortnite Champion Series

Each broadcast featured multiple different professional casters and analysts, who helped put on an educational and entertaining show for those at home. Their knowledge and enthusiasm have made them stand within the industry.

Just a few weeks ago, Fortnite announced that they were cutting the NA West portion of the broadcast for the indefinite future. This was a massive blow to the players, casters, and the overall community. The representation for the NA West region disappeared, just like that.

One man decided that these players not only deserved their recognition, but the fans deserved a show.

Here is his story.

How Panda found his success in the Fortnite casting world

Going into 2021, LifewithPanda had been broadcasting for multiple different organizations including, PlayVS, Dreamhack, and Faze. His success was fully rolling in, but there was still a line he was trying to reach, the official Fortnite broadcast.

LifewithPanda and Kelly Link on the FNCS West Broadcast
LifewithPanda and Kelly Link on the FNCS West Broadcast

Going into mid to late 2021, Panda finally got that call. He was asked to join the official FNCS broadcast as an analyst. Joining the broadcast, the NA West community welcomed him with open arms.

"They connected with me on socials, helped me understand the region, and supported me on the broadcast," said Panda in an exclusive interview. "This community means the world to me".

His success with the Fortnite broadcast eventually brought him overseas to Denmark, as Fortnite's show officially went back to in-person. Each caster and analyst got to bring the action to fans on a large stage, showcasing each of their talents.

LifewithPanda FNCS broadcast
LifewithPanda FNCS broadcast

This was what seemed to be the beginning of an amazing start for the Fortnite competitive scene, as players were excited to see in-person broadcasts return. This meant that in-person tournaments were on the horizon.

Then the news surfaced that NA West would not be receiving a broadcast.

How LifewithPanda took the news and the actions that followed

"When I heard the NA West was no longer going to be broadcasted, I was gutted," said Panda. "The community that welcomed me in just lost their main avenue to get recognized."

The sadness Panda felt was shared by many. The devasting news affected many.

"At that moment, I knew I had to do something to fill the void," said Panda.

Panda quickly reached out to two of his friends, Connoreo and BraveEdits, two production workers who Panda knew could help bring a NA West watch party to life.

LifewithPanda West viewing party
LifewithPanda West viewing party

"This was no easy task. We are treating this like a full broadcast with player interviews, guest on-air talent, community predictions, and so much more," said Panda. "This took an army behind the scenes to make this possible."

Panda's dedication and love for the NA West region did not go unnoticed. The first night of his watch party brought success to Panda in so many ways he never imagined.

With hundreds of people concurrently watching, and thousands tuning in throughout the entirety of the three-hour broadcast, this show was nonetheless a victory.

Each moment was filled with excitement so electric, that you could feel the hype watching at home. The professionalism brought alongside Panda's watch party made it feel as if you were watching an official Fortnite broadcast.

The success of this broadcast only highlighted the future triumphs of the NA West community.

Where to watch LifewithPanda's NA West FNCS watch party

The entirety of the NA West FNCS is being broadcasted on the LifewithPanda Twitch channel. People looking to watch can tune in directly to his Twitch. Have your drops enabled because you could also take home some exclusive Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 items.

Fortnite's official Twitch is still putting on an amazing broadcast for the NA East and Europe region. Make sure you tune into their Twitch channel to watch all the talent provided in both regions.