The upcoming Marvel-themed Fortnite season, like Thanos, is inevitable.

The cat is seemingly out of the bag ahead of Fortnite's upcoming Chapter 5 Season 4 launch. Although a few weeks remain until Season 3 ends, rumors of a Marvel-themed season have circled the scene for some time. A recent leak from the always reliable HYPEX regarding the beloved Mythic Wolverine Claws has added more fuel to the Fortnite Marvel season rumors.

Mythic Wolverine Claws and other items to return in upcoming Fortnite Marvel season

This news could not have arrived at a better time. With Deadpool and Wolverine arriving on July 26, Fortnite is seemingly riding the movie's popularity wave into the second-ever all-Marvel season. In-game teasers toward the next season have already begun appearing, and HYPEX's recent intel provides further confirmation.

He posted on X that four weapons and a mobility item from previous seasons will return in Chapter 5 Season 4. One such item is the Mythic Wolverine Claws, which debuted in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4. This weapon is powerful, granting players melee attacks, a speed boost, and health regeneration.

In addition to the Wolverine Claws, HYPEX added that the following items will also return:

  • Dual SMG
  • Anvil Launcher V2
  • Super Launch Pad
  • Striker Burst Rifle V2

The Striker Burst Rifle is a solid weapon, and the Launch Pad is great for mobility. However, with Fortnite potentially unvaulting the Mythic Wolverine Claws, it's worth wondering what other Mythics could return.

A brief history of Marvel Mythics in Fortnite

Fortnite's collaboration with Marvel dates back well before the Mythic Wolverine Claws to 2018 with the Avengers: Infinity War event. This crossover marked the debut of the infamous limited-time mode where players could become Thanos and use his Infinity Gauntlet. The subsequent Endgame LTM featured Captain America's Shield, Hawkeye's Bow, Iron Man's Repulsors, and Thor's Stormbreaker.

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The Marvel-themed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 added new Mythic Superpowers: Doctor Doom's Arcane Gauntlets, Doctor Doom's Mystical Bomb, Groot's Bramble Shield, Silver Surfer's Board, Iron Man's Repulsor Gauntlets, Iron Man's Unibeam, Black Panther's Kinetic Armor, She Hulk's Fist, and Venom's Smash and Grab.

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Beyond Chapter 2 Season 4, players could get their hands on the Carnage and Venom Symbiote abilities in Chapter 2 Season 8. It's unclear whether anything more than the Mythic Wolverine Claws will return in the upcoming Fortnite. However, this would be the perfect opportunity.

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