Here’s all you need to know about the Fortnite MiO level up Challenge.

MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancer and Gaming Community Network (GCN) have teamed up for a Fortnite extravaganza featuring well-known content creators and traditional athletes. Beginning August 9, Complexity Gaming member and part owner Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar, alongside many others will embark on a quest to win cash prizes in the MIO Level Up Challenge. 

Today, we’ll explain everything you need to know before next month’s competition. MiO and GCN have an intriguing show in store for those hoping to catch some Fortnite action. 

What is the MiO Level Up Challenge?

This competition includes headliner TimTheTatman fresh off his successful Tailgate Party event. Moreover, the MiO Level Up Challenge features other Complexity Stars members and MMA athletes Max “Blessed” Holloway and Megan Anderson. Ninety participants will open the tournament, and a seeding round is on tap for most of the other competitors. 

Players will form ten teams themed to the various MiO Energy flavors. Then, those ten teams will compete against each other for cash prizes in the MiO Level Up Challenge finals. Here’s a comment regarding the event from Samantha Mills, the Associate Director of Brand Communications at Kraft Heinz:

“When gamers enter tournaments or even just commit to a night of gameplay with their friends, it’s no secret that they are in for the long haul, and staying hydrated is an essential piece of that,” she said. “We knew that MiO could level up their experience in more ways than one, including a new way to look at hydration as a way to elevate gameplay, and hope to bring a new layer of fun hydration into the mix by allowing these gamers to hydrate their own way with a variety of bold flavors.”

How to watch the competition

Complexity names Twitch their sponsorship sales partner (Image via Complexity)

It’s unclear how many additional content creators will partake in the MiO Level Up Challenge festivities. Regardless, it promises to be a fun environment, considering the personalities involved. Furthermore, MiO has recently committed to the gaming space, making it possible for more of these competitions down the line. 

You can head over to Complexity’s Twitch channel on August 9 to watch TimTheTatman, Max Holloway, Thinnd, Megan Anderson and more. Additionally, you can catch each of these creators and more on their gaming channels. We’ll update you with any additional names that commit to the MiO Level Up Challenge!

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