We round up the NAE and Europe Dreamhack Cash Cup Extra action. The final preseason event before the start of the FNCS.

This week's DreamHack Cash Cup Extra saw new winners take the prize in both Europe (EU) and North America East (NAE). Top trios battled throughout the three hours of play. Eventually, Logan "BBG Bucke" Eschenburg, Leon "BBG Khanada" Khim, and Mack "G2 MackWood" Aesoph came out on top in NAE. While, Miran "Apeks IDrop" Tavakolzadeh, Blaž "Heretics K1nzell" Lešnik, and Felix "wakie" Thebo Hortlund took over in Europe.

A new contender shows its face

Apeks IDrop, Heretics K1nzell, and wakie made a statement in the EU DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. After a relatively disappointing Season 5 Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) performance, the trio started Season 6 strong taking first place in the DreamHack Cash Cup Extra on April 21st. Every single game, the trio secured both eliminations and placement points. Their worst game, 14th place and six eliminations, was better than some team's best games. IDrop, K1nzell, and wakie capped off the day with an eight elimination victory royale. They finished with 691 total points, a 63 point advantage over 2nd place.

An EU fan-favorite trio, "TrainH Umplify", Mathijs "TrainH Matsoe", and Benjy "NRG benjуfishу" David Fish secured a 3rd place overall. Their two victory royales, 13 eliminations and 16 eliminations, lifted the team to their placement. Outside of those two matches, the trio had a mediocre performance. Still, the success in DreamHack shows the trio can perform together and should be a force during FNCS.

EU Final Standing for Dreamhack Fortnite Cash Cup Extra

1. Heretics K1nzеll, apeks IDrop 7, wakıe - $2,100
2. Solarу Floki, Homyno Clément, GO Decyptos - $1,800
3. TrainH Umplify, TrainH Matsoe, NRG benjуfishу - $1,500
4. MCES Andilex, Grizi Snayzy, xsweeze.mces - $1,200
5. GUILD Flikk, GUILD Аnas, GAMMA Th0masHD - $900

Just in case anyone forgot - Bucke, MackWood, and Khanada are really good

One trio owned the storylines and wins this season, Jahq, Acorn, and Slackes. Yesterday, BBG Bucke, BBG Khanada, and G2 MackWood sent them a reminder. Bucke, Khanada, and MackWood took over the NAE region with a massive victory. After a slow start, the trio jumped out in front with back-to-back victory royales. They finished the tournament with four games within the top three placements and a combined 54 eliminations. Those final matches put them 100 points above the 2nd place team in the overall standings. It was an assertive victory.

Last week's winners, Jack “G2 Jahq” Downs, “1% Acorn“, and “LG Slackes,” saw unfortunate circumstances that led to an 8th place finish. The trio missed out on the final match of the day. First place was likely out of reach, but 2nd or 3rd could have been achieved.

The 2nd place trio made yet another comeback in the DreamHack Cash Cup Extra. Malachi "ENDL8SS Reverse2k" Greiner, Dejsean "ENDL8SS Deyy" Hew, and "ENDL8SS Mero" decided to make today interesting. They started off with a 118 points in the second match. Then proceeded to go silent for the next hour. Eventually, the beast awoke and the trio popped off for a 15 elimination victory royale in game six. Overall, the Reverse2k, Deyy, and Mero finished with 622 total points.

NAE Final Standings for Dreamhack Cash Cup Extra

1. BBG Bucke, BBG Piece Nada1x, G2 MackWood - $2,100
2. EL Deyyeet, ENDLESS MER0, ENDLESS Reverse - $1,800
3. SEN Aspect., Cаzz, OA Whofishy - $1,500
4. bbg kre, FS Bully iwnl, BBG HEAD CLICKER - $1,200
5. Cоmmandment, FaZe Cented, NRG Edgey - $900

The stage is set for FNCS

The DreamHack Cash Cup Extra finalized the preseason events for Season 6. On Friday, FNCS begins and starts a new chapter in competitive Fortnite. DreamHack gave fans and players a sneak peak into what to expect. This FNCS is poised to provide excitement, drama, and much more!