LEGO Fortnite is now releasing LEGO Creative maps cover image

LEGO Fortnite is now releasing LEGO Creative maps

LEGO Fortnite has officially begun making Creative maps.

Fortnite Creative has been a strong component of the Battle Royale's universe for some time now. With UEFN taking over, many developers are making entire livings from just creating fun maps within the game.

LEGO Fortnite, which was released back in early December 2023, has officially begun to put its foot in the Fortnite Creative door, as the game mode released two new Creative maps this morning.

LEGO Fortnite releases 2 Creative maps

The future of Fortnite definitely lies in Creative. While the Battle Royale still pulls in players, the competitive side of it has slowly begun to dwindle out over the years. As more and more creators are making immersive maps in Creative, gamers have begun to transition to the popular game mode.

Fortnite Creative not only has game modes that help you practice your aim, builds and more, but it also has game modes that are entire video games in themselves.

Now, with LEGO Fortnite making Creative maps, we are bound to see some of the most immersive and unique maps in Fortnite.

As for now, the game mode has only released two maps.

  • LEGO Raft Survival
  • LEGO Obby Fun

Both maps are completely different games, showcasing the popular look found in LEGO Fortnite, but this time as an actual mini-game and not just a sandbox-style title.

Can anyone make LEGO Fortnite maps?

At the moment, no, not just anyone can make LEGO Fortnite maps. For the time being, only LEGO Fortnite developers have the ability to make these Creative maps, but it does look like Fortnite Creative enthusiasts will be able to create their own LEGO maps soon.

Popular Fortnite leaker, Happy Power, posted on Twitter saying: "Soon you'll be able to create your own maps and make money," after reporting that LEGO Fortnite had begun making Creative maps.

This opens an entirely new world of imagination for game developers, proving why Fortnite remains one of the greatest video games ever created.

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