Kiryache’s solo clutch in the final match secures the EU FNCS Grand Finals win for himself, Stormyrite and Toose.

The final weekend of EU FNCS was a roller coaster. Through all the chaos, Kiryache, Stormyrite and Toose came out on top. On the first day of the Grand Finals, three players received wrongful bans. Then two games were voided. This caused eight out of twelve matches to be played on Day 2. Several trios used the long Day 2 to secure a top spot on the leaderboard.

Slurpy Swamps become the Russian Swamps in honor of the EU FNCS Grand Finals winners

The championship came down to the wire. Kirill “Kiryache” Grishin, Nikita “Stormyrite” Kulak, and Ilya “Gambit Toose” Chernyshov held a slight lead going into the final match. Alongside them, nine other teams remained within striking distance.

Every where around the world, fans watched intensely as any of the top trios could become the champions. Alexandre “Falcon AndiIex” Christophe and Cyprien “Xsweeze” Dumonteil and Jérémy “4zr” Dang Aichouche entered the match in 2nd place. They made a huge push on Day 2 for first place. In order to win it all, they needed to place higher and eliminate the Russians. Unfortunately, Andilex, Xsweeze and 4zr fell in the fifth zone as teams began to fight for Storm Surge damage. The trio was eliminated in 18th as many other teams looked to reclaim their spot.

One team fell, but plenty more looked to take their place. In fact, seven different trios found a way to outscore Andilex, Xsweeze and 4zr in the final match. The French trio dropped down to 9th place overall.

Now, all the focus shifted back to Kiryache, Stormyrite and Toose. The Russian trio saw their own struggles during the final match. After Stormyrite and Toose fell, Kiryache put the team on his back. Kiryache put together a solo clutch that will be cemented in FNCS history.

From the seventh zone on, Kiryache snaked his way through zones as a solo. He hit three medkits to extend his life as long as possible. In an incredible effort, he managed to reach 5th place and secure the FNCS title for his trio.

Stompy returns to greatness and EU FNCS Grand Finals with Pinq and Nebs

Klaus "Stompy" Konstanzer won the first-ever FNCS Grand Final. He had one more top 10 finish since FNCS started in August 2019. For almost two years, Stompy continued to grind and work his way back to the top. Alongside Stompy, "Pinq," and "Nebs" helped tremendously. The trio landed Lazy Lake while contesting for the majority of the tournament.

In the sixth match, Stompy popped off, declaring his return to the world. After the zone pulled up a mountain, only two trios remained. It was Stompy's trio versus the high ground trio. Pinq fell first. Then Nebs and Stompy made a play for the win. Nebs acted as the distraction as Stompy destroyed a full trio.

Everyone including the casters, ShyoWager and SanchoWest, had no words. Stompy put an entire trio to bed. Rarely, do moments like these happen. This time it was for the Victory Royale, which made it that much more impressive.

A new Danish Trio arises as Hottie, Elokratz, and Trippernn take 2nd place

While all the big name trios stole the spotlight, a newly formed trio took the actual prize. Sebastian "Trippernn" Sommer Kjaer, "Centric Hottie," and Jakob "elokratz" Juul Sørensen somehow quietly placed 2nd in EU FNCS Grand Finals. The trio placed consistently over the two-day span. While they lacked a huge pop-off match, they reached end games in almost every match.

Their consistency gave them a chance. All they needed was one final match with 20+ points to secure a top 10. Hottie, Trippernn and Elokratz did way more than that. In Game 12, the trio delivered their statement game. Hottie eliminated six of the players himself. The trio stood side by side and locked down the low ground. As they moved through the low ground, Hottie snagged player after player. Ultimately, the last match secured Hottie, Trippernn and Elokratz thousands more dollars.

EU FNCS Grand Finals Leaderboard

1. kiryachelfg, EvozA Stormyrite, Gambit Toose - $300,000 / $100,000 each.
2. Centric Hottie, elokratz, trippernn - $210,000 / $70,000 each.
3. pinquk, nebs 04, mouz stompy - $135,000 / $45,000 each
4. BL Setty, KamiFN, GXR teeq - $120,000 / $40,000 each.
5. Falcon Veno 7, Falcon TaySon 7, rezon ay лол 7 - $105,000 / $35,000 each.
6. Solarу Floki, Solarу Clement, GO Decyptos - $90,000 / $30,000 each.
7. GUILD Hen 帝, GUILD JannisZ, Falcon chapix - $75,000 / $25,000 each.
8. WAVE VADEAL ت, BL 이백삼, аlways on height - $60,000 / $20,000 each.
9. Falcon Andilada, 4zr -9-, хsweeze - $45,000 / $15,000 each.
10. CL Sаfik, Centric Default, СL putriсk - $30,000 / $10,000 each.

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